Free fall into boxes


Hey guys! For a movie we’re making we want to do a stunt, a guy falling from the roof. In the intro video, you let Freddy (or not Freddy) jump into boxes. How does that work and how can we do that in a safe way? at 3:48.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hello Mr. Lion, as you noted yourself it was notFreddy who took the actual fall. So it’s still the safest to have a professional stuntman do it.
Basically the boxes, which are empty, function as a cushion or crumple zone, absorbing the momentum of the fall.

How high of a fall are you planning on doing?


Hi Mr. Cloud,

Thanks for the reply! It’s somewhere between 15 to 18 feet.


Feet? So you’re not Dutch? :sweat_smile:

There’s some little information here, in the rocketjump video you can see that the boxes are held together by a single fastener band around the perimeter of every level of boxes and I believe it’s important to land on your back.

I have no experience with any of this though, this is all deduction for me too. I hope someone actually experienced with using these will comment as well.


I am Dutch :slight_smile: Just expected a lot of Americans to be around here.
Thanks for that link! I’ll quickly check if I can contact those guys - if I have any luck I’ll let you know what tips they gave.


Less than 6 meters (20 feet) is considered a low fall by stunt measures. There are normally done by one of four different falling techniques namely step-out, header, blind back fall and face off.

Note I am not a stuntman but have a training manual from a stunt school. I would be happy to do a low fall though. I have some friends that are professional stuntmen that could be asked.