FREE Original sounds from RJFS!


Hey all!

Just wanted to turn your attention to this thread!

We do a live stream on Twitch every Thursday afternoon. Last week, we recorded a bunch of cool original stuff with @Kevin_Senzaki, some of which will be used in the new Dimension 404 show.

As a thank you for all of you who contribute to the stream and the forums, we want to share these sounds with you for FREE to use in your own projects!!! We just want to see the final product when it’s done :slight_smile:

Here is the link to download (179MB). It will only be available for ONE MONTH! So grab them now!

Thanks guys! :smiley: and make sure to watch the stream to see how we recorded them all.


You guys are awesome :smiley:


Just a small bump to remind people these are only available until SEPTEMBER 24TH!



I can confirm that I’m using some stuff from that session RIGHT NOW designing some cues for Dimension 404!


Just want to say thanks a ton for giving us these, I’ve been going through them and you’ve given out some real top quality stuff.
Keen to see what i can make with it.


They’re all pretty abstract, but there may very well come the day where “I need something that sounds like… like… holy crap, I have that!”

Definitely let us know if you use anything in a video or other project!


@Lauren I would like to post mirrors of the shared file.

You have only said that these it is “Free”, which only implies that anybody can have a copy by no fee, for personal use only, and a backup copy where law allows.

This, like any other work, is by default under copyright. You are giving copies for free, but you are not giving rights over the work. So, “Free” doesn’t imply that we can play them in public, mix them, stream them, broadcast them, use them in other works, package them with other works, create derivative works, sell them, use them without attributing them to you, or any other use case, with the obvious exclusion of fair use when appropriate.

I would like to post mirrors of the shared file. I’m required by law to ask for permission to do that. I would prefer if you could – please – give an explicit license, that way anybody would be able to know (without asking you) what rights are you conceding to the public, or if you are releasing the shared file with all rights reserved. Consider also that people may just assume they can do whatever with the shared file - which is probably true, but it is not up to me to tell - and also that being explicit regarding the license won’t hurt.

You may choose any license you want. Yet, I would like to suggest to [choose a license from Creative Commons] (

In case of doubt, when I say “the shared file” I mean the file - or any copy of the file - with name “” with size of 188589700 bytes and SHA-256 “9930BD413954D3FA5347C98119D75B58C4F4B4F07B0454A730EED0FB13867DB0” that is currently - at the time of writing - avilable on the url you provided.


Really awesome sounds! I downloaded them in august but wanted to say thanks for sharing it now that I’m registered here :slight_smile:


@Theraot, go ahead and mirror the links as it’s going down today anyway. You have our permission!

As far as officially giving it an open-source license, we can’t do that at this time, but we’ll follow up with the lawyercats and see if we can’t do that going forward.


REMINDER: This sound package is coming down at the end of business today, PDT. GRAB IT WHILE IT’S HAWT!



What to work on when not working?

Aw, lawyercats! I love that term. That is all.


Ooh it’s a thing for sure:

Google says so



Feel free to grab it from one of these other mirrors, but the original link is donezo.

World's Best Spy: Episode 1

Phew! I grabbed them yesterday. I wanted to check if it is okay to use them now, @Theraot brought up a good point.

P/S @Daniel, thank you for introducing us to the wonderful thing that is lawyercats.


The pleasure was all mine.


Just to be straight shootin’ my intent, it was to toss out some free materials that you can use for anything including commercial/monetized releases, as part of a “creative work.”

That’s the way most (for sale, or free giveaway) sound libraries describe it, which basically means “it’s yours, just don’t re-sell it as-is to other people.” So for example, don’t take these free sounds and sell them to your neighbor’s kid for ten bucks (just give it to the kid for free).

A proper written license in-download for future, more comprehensive releases makes a ton of sense! But basically for this one at the current moment, it ain’t worth my time and money and trouble to scour every video out there from this day forth to see if someone used a free sound file I gave away without permission that I didn’t require or ask for. (Quite the contrary, if anything in there ever gets used in something you make, I’d love to see and hear it!)


some really great sounds. just downloaded and they work great :relaxed:


the stream link is blank -poke


Yeah… Twitch only keeps them for a certain amount of time, so unless it’s digged out of the archive the video has gone.
CC @Daniel