Friend's Gameplay video


Hey guys, my friend is starting a new gameplay series of Resident Evil 7, and I’m editing it. If you peeps would be so kind as to give the first episode a watch and give some feedback to help us improve, that would be much appreciated!


Hey, not my cup of tea but the thing with these is that you just have to do them a lot and have a consistent schedule. Would you like to tell a little about what editing this was like?
Personally I’d prefer a highlights reel where you’d go a little more all out with the editing. Make it a component of the show.
Good luck with the rest of the series.


This is the first gameplay video I have worked on, so I’m still trying to find a balance with the editing. It’s difficult to find that middle ground of cutting out boring elements and cutting too much out. It’s not really my cup of tea either, but I figured I would help him out. I may take the highlights reel approach for upcoming videos. Thanks for the feedback!