FYI: Forum reshuffling incoming!


Hey all you awesome rad people!

It’s been a while since we tuned things up in here, and with that in mind we’re going to start reorganizing and cleaning things up to better reflect how much the community and the company have both changed over the past years.

Really this is NBD, but since we’re all attached to our community here, I wanted to give everybody a heads up.

What we WILL do

  • Reorganize the topics we already have so categories are better structured and more intuitive.
  • Rename stuff where appropriate.
  • Introduce some new categories if needed.

What we WON’T do

  • Delete anything. All old posts and old categories will still exist (for the foreseeable future), though perhaps in a new spot.

So bear with us while we shuffle things around. We might not get it right the first time, and we’re definitely open to your feedback so let us know what you think!

EDIT: Update on what we did



Cool, good luck and thanks for the heads up :ok_hand: ya’ll do great with this place keep it up.


Puns will be greatly appreciated


Oh man oh man you are right. I’m really dropping the ball. I shall enlist the services of @Kevin_Senzaki, Charmander in Chief, Prince of Puns, Wizard of Wordplay, the Instigator of Innuendo…


But seriously if anything particularly good hits all y’all lemme know ok thx bye


I’m not sure, but it looks like some people here would like a D&D related category. Maybe a Board Games one.


I’m fine with that. @Spica (and everybody else), would it be enough to just have one “Tabletop Games” category for board/dice/rp/etc. games?

  • Yes, one “Tabletop Games” category is all we need

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@Spica, if you know more people who are passionate about this stuff, mention them so they can weigh in.


DOOD YIS PLEZ tabe top gemz. It’s beautiful :joy:


It Has Been Done

So the big move is done…for now. Here’s a recap:

  • All of the RocketJump-unrelated topics (e.g., #movies, #tv-shows, #games, etc.) have been moved into #shoot-the-breeze
  • All of the RocketJump release-related topics (e.g., #rocketjump-shorts, #video-game-high-school, etc.) have been moved into #stuff-we-make
  • Our #show-tell category has been moved into the #rocketjump-film-school, but it’s still open for anybody to post
  • At the request of a bunch of people, created a new #tabletop-games category in #shoot-the-breeze
  • Created an #official-updates section in #news to which only RocketJump employees can post

If any of you have questions, complaints, suggestions, etc. please feel free to leave them here!