Getting The "Thinking" Sound


So I’m trying to work on a series of projects to see where my skills stand. (In pursuit of being a Jack of All Trades) and I realize I know very little about sound mixing. I’m not trying to go award winning sound design or anything like that but I am trying to get the slight echo that you mostly get when “hear” some one thinking in a show. Right now I’m trying to edit in Audition and have the old cs6 adobe suite package so if there is another program I could be using that will yield the same effect let me know I’d be happy to try it. Other than that I’m just trying to learn my way around Audition so that in the future i can look up a tutorial and fumble around with the program until I get what I’m looking for, like I do in premiere and after effects.

Thanks for your help.


To be perfectly honest with you, I’m not sure what you mean. What are you looking for? Could you send an example?


Broadly speaking, you’re looking for a reverb, if that helps!

Once you get a reverb effect, you’ll hopefully be able to manipulate it a bit - how long it lasts for, how loud it is, that sort of thing. That’ll get you most of if not all the way there.

Ideally you’ll have a reverb that lets you control how present different frequencies are (i.e., how loud the high is versus the low), and this can help you shape it more to your liking; this can be really useful in getting something like a clock tick to feel right. You can also use EQ after the sound goes through reverb to get a similar effect.

I kept this response pretty loose and general, so let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


thanks for some of the tips. I’m going to try and edit it later and record the settings I played with and see if I can share it.


So, how did it go?