Hannibal- the tv series


I was wondering if anybody here was a fan of the exceptional NBC show, Hannibal? I so would love to hear your thoughts on anything about the show. I miss it dearly.


I really enjoyed the series. Season 2 was the best, in my opinion. I did think it got a little too disgusting at times (this coming from a huge The Walking Dead fan), and I also thought there was a little too much filler going on and that a more concise story would have served the show well. That saying, the cinematography was maybe some of the best in television history. The casting and acting was phenomenal. And I’m thankful that what ended up being the “series finale” ended up being a good ending to the show as opposed to a cliff hanger. When the show first got canned, there were rumors of netflix or another source reviving the show, but now it looks like it’s officially gone :stuck_out_tongue:


The characters and the tone and everything about the colors and design


Definitely an incredible use of cinematography. They really used cinematography and locations to enhance the characters. Such as scenes focused on Hannibal were incredibly orderly and balanced. Such a good show. Would love to go back and watch some episodes again. Easily the most underrated show on television.