Headshots and Blood/Gore


Total noob here but I’m trying to learn how to do some gorey headshots and use that to learn a 3d program. I like what Corridor did on Tiny Guns (link below) but don’t even know how to break apart the head model. That would be the first thing I’d have to get my head around if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Also, this was done in blender but im not opposed to learning something like 3ds or houdini instead. I’m not sure that it matters but I’m not looking to make 3d animated shorts, just action and eventurally scifi vfx.

All i seem to find are tutorials for animation or character creation for games, not vfx or anything remotely realistic usually.


I think this is a pretty difficult effect if you’re a total noob as you say. As I believe it’s a layering of many many different effects, none of which I could adequately explain to you as I’m not a vfx artist.
If you’re just starting out then the learning curve on this particular effect might be a little too steep. You’d probably have to get quite comfortable in adobe after effects (or similar) as well as decent on one of those 3D programs you mentioned. Not something you can pick up from a single tutorial.

But by all means try a forum with some more vfx people on there (not many here right now). I hope you learn quick so you can do the stuff you want to do.