Help us make a thing! Die Jagd Feature funding campaign!


Help us make a thing!

Hey all,

Just a little background for all of you lovely people. About 6 months ago, myself and a team of some of the most talented cast and crew I’ve ever had the privilege of working with produced a POC of a film we’d love to make.

We shot the opening scene of the film as a short proof of concept, yet it was unanimously agreed by the cast and crew that they were on to something and had to strive to tell the whole story. With this much ambitious energy involved in the project, it quickly became much bigger than any one person involved.

We’ve just released the fundraising campaign to try and fund the film and make this dream a reality as there has been so much success with this area recently, with the likes of so many wonderful pieces of material being produced (VGHS being my personal fav).

Anywhoodles, we’d love nothing more than your support to help us achieve this! Be it financial, word of mouth or even just moral (we’ll pick up on the vibes!) or better yet, just sharing our story.

The fundraising campaign is below:

If you aren’t interested any of the above support, we’d also love feedback on how we could better improve our campaign. Thanks so much team! We hope we can turn this dream into a reality!


We’re making a film about prisoners being released in nazi germany and hunted. We filmed a POC which went well and are fundraising for the film and need all your support lovely peoples!

Peace and love


The link is missing.


Many thanks matey, relinked xx