Highschool dropout


What do you guys think about dropping out of highschool (sophomore, 16) to persue my dream with film. I have a plan to become a freelance filmmaker, but worried of the outcome or if things dont go my way. I know i wont get what i want immediately but instead take time and I accept that but want to start as soon as possible and not waste time. Do you think this is good or bad idea? And is freelance filmmaking the only job i can have. I was hoping i could work myself up


Unless you have a very specific job offer from a reliable employer, or set of highly-refined skills that are already professional level, I would strongly, strongly discourage dropping out of high school. I’m not sure where you’re living, but in a fair amount of countries, a high school diploma is a pretty minimum-level proof of education that you’ll need for any half-decent job in case film doesn’t work out, or if you need a second job to make ends meet while starting off in film. There’s some further thoughts on this in the thread here:


While I strongly support following your dreams of film, or any other creative medium for that matter, I think I’ll have to second @Kevin_Senzaki. Of course, there have been high school drop outs that are really successful filmmakers today, (Casey Neistat), but if you look at all the people who dropped out and then crashed and burned… Also, you said that you are worried things won’t go your way. That’s probably your insticnt telling you not do drop out. However, I do not know how good or professional you are, and even if you are a really talented hard working filmmaker, I still wouldn’t suggest dropping out of highschool especially in today’s day and age.

Film school/college is a completely different thing, and that I believe is completely not required anymore, if you’re self-motivated and willing to learn and work really hard, and sacrifice things like your social life.



Hey man, I know how you feel but a High School education is important. You need a fall back and the safest way to do that is to at least have a GED. Dropping out of college is a whole other story but it doesn’t mean you should. School is a great place where you’ll make friends and get connected to people that will help you get to your future career.

I have made countless friends in High School who I’m still connected to that have helped me get to where I am at today.

Make fiends and connections they’ll be the reason why you’ll be able to get further then where you would get by yourself.

Hope you stay in school!


All I can do is third @Kevin_Senzaki (RedRocketFilms beat me to it, dang it). Right now I’m homeschooled but Kevin’s absolutely right that you should not drop out. You’re going to need that diploma to get a good job when filmmaking doesn’t pay the bills (believe me, at least at the start it won’t). You’ll also need it if you want to go to college (although college isn’t necessary to be a filmmaker, it can help you learn and build connections with other filmmakers plus you might need a degree of some sorts in case if you want/need to pursue some other career).

But yeah follow your dreams. Just make sure they’re not going to lead you off a cliff.



Again, just reiterating what everyone else said. Don’t drop out of high school. It can seem a bit difficult to manage film and study at the same time, but I’m almost certain if you are serious enough about film, you will be able to make the two work together. A high school diploma is the minimum standard of education for even the most basic of jobs, and you will learn a lot of excellent life skills along the way. You can still dedicate yourself to growing as a filmmaker, but do not compromise your education at such a critical point in your life.



I wouldn’t exactly suggest it… education is important. Find time to make films while in school. Join a Video Production class, start a club. You’ll be able to make films through there. Although Quentin Tarantino and some other directors who dropped out may be an inspiration, these days, so many people look for people with a decent education to hire you. So if you want a job in filmmaking, increase your chances by getting an education… but I won’t stop you… if you truly believe that it is your dream and high school is blocking it, as Shia LaBeouf would say…

Good luck!