HitFilm vs. Premiere


Okay guys! I got it! Many of you have probably heard of this really nice software called HitFilm Studio 3 Pro. $299.99 program, pretty sweat, and so many features. What people do not know, is that this is not the best option out there!

Many of you have also heard about Adobe Premier Pro. This program is defiantly better than HitFilm, but it is like $50 a month! Well, Adobe has this new thing where you can get every one of their programs/software(s) for only $50 a month!

I know, I know. $50 a month is like $600 a year. But (Yes, I started a sentence with “But”) if you are a student of a school, you can get this program for only $20 a month!!! Thats only $240 a year! Considering you get all of their software including After Effects, Adobe Premier Pro, Photoshop ect… This is, well, a pretty good deal!

Thats all the news I got for you all! I found this extremely nice because I was looking for a good VFX Software and almost bought HitFilm. Once I was about to buy it, my friend told me about this deal! So then I switched!

Okay hope you guys make the decision that is best for you! Comment what you think! Bye!


If you have extra money on your hands, buy AE, which is basically the standard for VFX.

Hitfilm is a VFX and Video Editor, so it does more than Premiere, as Premiere is just a video editing software.

For people on a tight budget, Hitfilm is the option for them, as it is a combination of VFX making and editing.

For people who have the money to buy Adobe products, get AE and Premiere, or Final Cut, Vegas, whatever.

(Video editors can also include iMovie and Windows movie maker)

TL;DR Hitfilm- both VFX and video editor. Cheap.

        Adobe Premiere- Video Editor. Not that cheap. If you want to do VFX, get AE, which costs even more money.


HitFilm has in my opinion a much easier and faster learning curve than After Effects, thus will be more suitable for many people here.

Plus it comes with so much already built into it, that if you need to buy lots of plugins for After Effects… well, HitFilm will be coming out well ahead then as being much cheaper!

Oh, and that is another bonus factor about HitFilm: it includes the HitFilm plugins in the purchase so you can use it effects in many other programs too! :smiley: So it is much more than just the NLE/compositor that you’re getting :wink:

btw, there is a very popular group about HitFilm on Facebook:

Another downside to Premiere / After Effects CC is if you ever stop paying the monthly fees… you won’t be able to open your projects!! :-o No such issues with HitFilm at all :smiley:


I agree.

But After Effects and Premier pretty good programs and are even used in the movie Avengers! So if your looking for a nice product, After Effects and Premier are the way to go!

By the way, I am not hating on hitfilm. Haha! :smile:


Hitfilm was the first program I used to do some serious editing, I think it’s great and I also felt like it has a better learning curve than others. That said, being a student, I can’t really justify going on the Hitfilm route… Premiere and After Effects for video editing/effects are industry standard, and learning on those would be better if you’re looking for a job that will probably require experience with them (without even mentioning the low price for students and plugins incompatibility in Hitfilm).

I think Hitfilm is a great tool to add on if you want something a little different, or if you really don’t want to go the adobe route. But most of the time I would suggest otherwise.


I always had issues with playback on hitfilm 2. It would get choppy with just a few quick cuts or effects. So I treasure having ram preview on after effects, and the dynamically linked files improved my workflow tremendously.

I also happen to run an Amd rig, so I feel that might’ve hurt me on hitfilm. Or I just never figured out a good way to run my playback smoothly. I had a worse problem with Vegas, I couldn’t even export anything smoothly. Some of my animated effects and colors would play well, but the video they were playing on would be frozen.

So at least the adobe software is typically reliable, and $600 a year for everything, premiere, ae, audition, photoshop, etc. Is better than the several thousand every 2 years for a creative suite.


I get choppy playback and lagging too, but I attribute that to the weird codec of the GH2.


Another thing to keep in mind with the $50/mo payment for the Adobe CC Subscription is that you get any updates automatically as they come out at no extra cost. You also get access to 99% of Adobe’s products including: Typekit (share fonts over cloud), Photoshop, Illustrator (designing vector graphics), Audition (audio editing) After Effects, Speedgrade (my personal favorite), etc.

While $50/mo may be out of a lot of people’s price range, it is well worth the investment considering how many programs and features it comes with.

My biggest concern with programs that are considered to be a jack of all trades so to speak is that they do all of the functions at a mediocre level versus using a program specifically built for one function. For instance, color correction and grading can be done in any NLE out there; however, throwing that same footage into a color correction software (DaVinci, Speedgrade, etc.) will give you a much more powerful and customizable experience. You’ll be amazed at the difference it would make. Same goes for compositing and audio editing.


After Effects is really slow, I want a fast compositor. How fast do you find hitfilm? And I plan to upgrade to an AMD GPU, does this affect performance in anyway?
Also, does Hitfilm support similar features to Premiere? (e.g. audio effects, reverse clips (Davinci resolve doesn’t support reversing clips O_o), Text, Camera shake) All I really need is decent masking (something similar to rotoscoping, but just as long as it’s better than premiere it should be good enough), decent text support (e.g. different fonts) and keyframing (e.g. moving a layer around using motion like in premiere), a camera shake effect would be great to have as well. Premiere pro sucks at masking, and after effects is so slow that I’d rather just use premiere’s method of masking.
Also how does the express version compare with the pro version in this regard? Does express support 1440p60fps? “4k support” on the product page is not helpful


At the end of the day, whatever you can afford and are willing to learn is fine. Most programs do more or less the same thing - they are cars. They will get you to where you want to go.

That said, Adobe is definitely more common and has more capabilities when you get down to it. But doing small films on your own, that probably won’t matter.

Besides, I wouldn’t be overly concerned as to what the “industry” uses. As most places use avid, and effects wise, many places use proprietary software.

Just learn to drive. Then when you are asked to drive a different car, motorcycle or bus, you already have the general idea. Its not too tough to switch programs.


If you’re just an indie guy doing things in house then go for HitFilm as it is kick ass and packs a lot of power you can do within that one program! Plus is a fantastic indie friendly price.

However if you’re doing lots of professional paid work then go for Premiere, not because it is necessarily better, but just because it is one of the common “industry standards” for editing (along with Avid and Final Cut).


Go get a Final Cut Pro if you use a Mac! Adobe is too slow and seems take forever to render a video. Life is so much easier with Final cut. You get much faster render time, not to mention is a one time fee!
Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere