Homemade Talkshow!


I tried to make a talk show, I think it’s kinda unwatchable, but I’d like to know what anybody else thinks. Thanks!


I’m not really a fan of the format/concept, but that’s my problem. I think you did really well with the limited resources I assume you had. Keep it up.


The Eric Andre bit is alittle played out huh?


I’m afraid I don’t really know him (as I said not really my sort of thing), so I honestly couldn’t say.


It falls between two or more chairs.
The intro reminds you of an action movie concept. Viewers that want to watch a not so serious show are not tuning in to action movie time and vice versa. Jokes are a bit over-explained. You could have a few trash cans in the back of your room just to set the mood. The pistol looked too real. Based on my evaluation of the character he would try to end it with an obvious toy gun.