Hot 2019 Forums Announcements and Stuff!


Hello remaining forums users,

This is the F dogg coming at you hot from the forums. As you’ve no doubt figured out, we’ve been in a state of spindown and transition as we’ve tried to figure out exactly what we, both as individuals and as a company, want to Do With Our Lives.

As such, I think it’s time we bid farewell to our frequently hilarious, always entertaining forums. To everyone who’s put time and energy into meeting and interacting with people here - thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I hope our brief tenure here was at least mildly entertaining!

That being said, much credit to Daniel Otero and Danny Vink for putting this place together for us, and for also somehow Babe Ruthing the future and predicting that the niche gaming chat platform known as Discord would become that community behemoth that it actually is like… years before it actually did. “Slack is for chumps, Discord is for CHAMPS!” I remember them saying to a then skeptical me. Guess what, looks like I should be taking stock advice from the Dans huh?

All that to say that the RJ Discord is still rocking it, at and as we (hopefully soon) have some more stuff to announce that’ll be where we do it.

Also, I’ve had a couple meetings now with the Film School crew and we’re cooking up what the continuation of that might look like, so not dead yet!

We’ll leave the forums up for the next week, and then the exodus begins.

Thanks again everyone, and see you on the Discord!


'Critique Me!' is moving!


This place truly had a huge role in my life, I won’t ever forget the good times I had here, the things I learned and the people I met.

My life would be greatly different without the hours spent here.

Bye bye RJ forums.

(also welcome back RJFS? Curious about what you’re cooking)


RIP RJ forum.

I checked and I clocked the most hours on here and I don’t regret any of it. This place and these people fanned the flame that is my love of film. I hope to have been a force of good on here and that this community may endure within all of us. No matter how thin the strings that bind us may grote

I shall miss it a bit as a daily ritual of coming here. However, I’m glad to be here at the end. And I look forward to being there at the beginning of RocketJump’s next chapter.

See you on discord rocketeers.


I really don’t know what to say, and not in the usual way where someone will say that and then talk for far too long.



Here’s the plan concerning the critique category: