How can I write a screenplay that sounds not ridicoulus


Hello RocketJump-Community,

So, I don’t know if you know this situation. But 2 years (or so; and yeah, I told you about these group.) a group of freshmen and sophomores made a movie which was totally ridiculous.
Ok it wasn’t completely ridiculous. They had great pictures and (for a no-budget movie) good sound. However, the script was it.
The story was about a kid who is bullied by other students. (That’s a great idea. But!) One day he couldn’t anymore and wanted to suicide. Of course, it didn’t work. And the movie is a happy end. Bla, bla, bla. I think you can imagine this “movie”. By one scene I laughed very hard. (And no joke, folks!) They made a sophomore (so, 16 years old) to a drug dealer. My thought was “Say whaaaaaat! That absolutely unrealistic. You can’t be a drug dealer when you’re only sixteen years old.)
So, how can I write a screenplay which sounds not like “Hey, I wanna be cool and that’s why I don’t care about a serious and realistic story”. (If you know what I mean). Which mistakes should I avoid?


P.S.: The “movie” wasn’t a comedy or parody. They opined it absolutely serious.


If you’re limited in your choice of actors, write the roles for the actors you do have. Think of things they could realistically portray. A sixteen year old could be a drug dealer, but he’d be a totally different kind of drug dealer. Probably just a kid whose uncle has a couple of marijuana plants or something and he gets to sell some of it to some friends. Totally different from a cartel dealer selling imported heroine for example.


I think I’ve actually known some 16-yo drug dealers, but maybe that’s just Hungary… :smiley:

I think the key is the characters themselves, if they have believable motivations, you can do anything with them, that’s the beauty of it. You set the rules, but when set, try to be consistent with said rules.


And as you said, you can still write a comedy which would allow you to be less serious with your characters.


I’ll second on that a high schooler dealing drugs really anywhere is believable. I mean, that’s why we have NARCs. :wink:


Would you mind sharing the sophomore/freshmen movie? I’m intrigued. Sometimes, people criticize their work when it’s really not that bad.


I’m sorry but we haven’t the rights of the student’s parents to put the film with their kids on the internet.