How can I write good scares or horror (not jump scares!)


Hello Community,

How can I write good horror? First, at all, I don’t like jump scares! However, I like horror, when the movie is good.
So, how can I write good horror scene – even in a not horror movie (just for the little bit adrenaline)? They should have not too much horror but also not too less. – if you know what I mean? They also shouldn’t be ridiculous!

Do you have any tips?


There are many types of horror that don’t involve jump scares. These can include fear of the unknown, existential horror, or simply showing something unsettling. Sometimes the most effective thing to do is to not show anything. No one can scare you more than you can scare yourself.

Plague of Gripes does a fantastic series of videos explaining what makes good horror. Consider cheking them out.


@secheung Aaannnd what if I want to write it in an action or fantasy series/ movie? How can I write it without sound like a kid who wants to sound cool?


Your “horror” needs to have a tangible impact on it’s world. There may be no indication, not even for a second, of it not being scary. The impression we get is far scarier than what something actually may be.
So no matter the genre, you have to take it seriously and make that reflect upon your story and world.


Well, it’s more or less horror. I want to make a little adrenaline kick for the viewer. But in the right moment! How can I do this?