How can I write "Hero’s journey" in a different way?


Hello RocketJump-Community,

I did tell you my new project is a mix of VGHS and X-Men. But I haven’t any idea for a plot. I don’t wanna use a generator. And I so wanna write it.
So, the plot of VGHS based on the “Hero’s Journey”. The first episode tells how Brian D. comes late to a game match. However, at the end he kills the law and get “a ticket” to VGHS.—His new world where he become one of the best video game players in the series world. The last episodes show how the team and he wins the contest which saves his school.
I can’t write always how a loser grow up to a big hero. How can I write another kinda “Hero’s Journey”? Or when I can’t: How can I do this different? Should my hero have superheroes as parents?