How can I write unique sci fi?


Hello RocketJump-Community,

Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Matrix, Blade Runner, X-Files etc.—There are a lot of great, big sci-fi movies & tv shows. So, it’s very difficult for a screenwriter to create unique sci-fi without someone says “aargh, you stole it from [put here a famous sci-fi franchise] …!” or put an overused cliché in it.
I wanna write science fiction. But there are stories which are so overused that those are a cliché. For example, the strong A.I. which bring down the humanity or want to be a human.
Do you have any tips how to write unique sci-fi?



Read about science going on right now, start imagining what might happen with that technology in the future. That could lead you to some interesting ideas for stories that could be impacted or originalised by those science fiction technologies.


@Jasper_Cloud Nice. But I mean sci-fi that plays in the 21st century. And it’s a big cliché that sci-fi always act in the future.


Ah well in that case you’re in an alternative universe. You could look at history, at inventions made in the past, what would happen if they had not been made or had been taken in a different direction. What if cameras had been invented two centuries earlier?
The time sci-fi plays in is irrelevant but it has to be based on science and play in a way that is not currently possible but acceptable enough from a a scientific viewpoint.


@Jasper_Cloud Well, what I mean was to write it in the style of stargate or x-files. You know sci-fi, mystery, horror (no jump scares!) and sometimes (in the episode) a good joke.


To avoid cliques i usually Google I’m currently doing horror so people say horror is getting worse it has to many cliques. So I Google horror movie cliques and I write them down.