How can I write which vehicle (or animal) my character use?


Hello RocketJump-Community,

The man found different ways to get from place A to place B. You can go, you can ride a bike; you can use a ship, a plane, drive a car; or even ride a horse.
It’s clear to me that you write: “Int. plane – Day or Int. ship – Day”.
But how can I write that my character is on horseback, use a motor-/bicycle or even ride an elephant because he/she is on vacation in Thailand or India?
Can someone explain me it, please?



The examples you name are very big and basically function not as a vehicle but more as a moving location.
I think that for something the character is actively driving/riding/steering you use the location the vehicle is in. Then in your description of what is happening you describe the vehicle.


A RED BIPLANE glides past fluffy white clouds, inside sits RORY his eyes distant, he is pondering something.


RANOOSH looks around intensely, there is fear in his eyes as he scans the foliage he’s moving through seated atop SHIVRA THE ELEPHANT.


you could make up your own original vehicle. I don’t know what scene your going to do but I love the vehicles from sci fi the weird flying machines or something I wouldn’t see everyday. I don’t know if this helps.


@Jasper_Cloud U mean like this?

Oh sorry I wrote “skies” not "clouds. Big sorry!


Pretty much yeah. It seems weird to put “welcome to the indian Jungle! (…)” in the script as that is speaking language. and the bit about it being dangerous doesn’t help either as it’s not something you can see so you have to make it clear. In a script I think you would just open with

Ominous animal noises sound from the shadowy foliage of this jungle, giving it a dangerous feeling. ALEX is seated on an INDIAN ELEPHANT as he looks around nervously.

Now there is no way to see that the elephant is lent from a local villager and it doesn’t really matter. But if it does matter and that fact plays an important role later in the script then you’ll have to make that clear. You can’t just tell something in the script and expect everyone to know this as fact. You have to write for an audience, so all information you have to convey they either have to see or hear.

In this example you could have ALEX say something to the elephant along the lines of “Easy girl, I don’t feel comfortable here either. stay calm and we’ll get you back to your owner safely.”

This has the added bonus of adding to the feeling of danger.


@Jasper_Cloud Thank you for the tips.