How Do you Do A Silent Film


does anyone have any tips on trying to write a short film with no full of am d just action does anyone have any tips if you do please leave them below.
TheiScreenMan(new username soon)


Watch some films that have little to no dialogue, think of Mad Max, The Reverant (recent ones) and once you have those references and the how they do it, grab a piece of paper, a pen and just write actions. What the character do? What he wants? What he needs? Once you have that, start small, like. for example. My character needs water but he’s alone in home. he’s also in bed and he can’t move very well since he had a car accident, but he sees a glass of water on the table near him. Now you have the what he do, who he is, what he needs, what he wants. Start building from that base of whatever you write. And just be creative, have fun!

Hope you come up with something very awesome to read. Have Fun!