How Do You Get Custom Music Without Doing It Yourself?


I’m wondering if there is any trick to getting custom sound effects and music that are done originally. Is there any good website or people who will do them. Or do I have to make them myself? If you use a certain software or person website, etc. I’m looking for one.
TheiScreenman(future name)


Pay musicians/composers or ask friends who make music for a favor.
Custom means that it’s made specifically for you so you need to reach out to someone who provides that service and you’ll probably have to pay for it (unless as I said you can get a favor from a friend).

Alternatively you could make it yourself of course. I’ve heard good things about filmstro for people who aren’t musicians themselves.


There’s lots of online resources for free music for video use (this was the first one Google gave me), and while the quality may be all over the place, it’s worth taking a little time to explore if you’re on a budget.

I’d also second @Jasper_Cloud’s suggestion for Filmstro; there’s a free version available and it now integrates directly into Adobe Premiere, which makes it a lot easier to use. While your selections may be limited without paying (even paid, it’s not too expensive), what’s nice about Filmstro is that each song is made of a bunch of different variations, and you can manually control three different variables to help shape the music to your scenes. The basic selections may not cover everything, but you get a pretty good amount of flexibility per song.

I actually tried out Filmstro on this short, and while it’s really only used for some string tension near the end, I still like how it turned out :stuck_out_tongue: