How to acquire Music for a Proof of Concept short


Hey guys! Not sure if this is the correct category so let me know if I need to post elsewhere.

I have a live action short film I want to make, but since the short will cost far more money and resources than I have access to in order to make, I decided to animate a sort of proof of concept trailer for it first. I’m set on voice actors and animation, Thing is, trailers need music, but I have no clue where to find music to use that’s cheap/free but is also good (Finding cheap to free music hasn’t been the hard part, trust me). So I figured I’d come here for any suggestions.


Juke deck



That should get you started. I have more options as well.


I can personally recommend the film riot trailer music pack, it’s not free but it has some great options. Here’s a link to a video in which they showcase it:


This is a good source. While not free it is super affordable and everything is broken into seperate elements.