How to avoid annoying Mary/Gary Sues while writing?


Hello Community,

I think as a screenplay writer you should try to create believable characters.
But beginners (like me) often write characters who can do everything, are famous, and popular. Why you just don’t give them a sign where be written on it: “Hey, I’m a Mary Sue. Hate me!”
For example, I read a story about an outsider who gonna be quickly famous and popular in his school after 5 paragraphs. Seriously? You wanted to write a story about an outsider. Not a clichéd High school story.
So, how do I avoid this when I already planned my character? You know they shouldn’t gonna be like that while I write the script.
Please, give your best tips & tricks to avoid a Mary/Gary Sue while writing a screenplay.



If there to popular do some thing to decrease it this could potentially work.


Hey dude, listen if you’re running into trouble by creating stereotypical characters, remember that a character is defined by what they want and how they get there. Specifically the tactics they use to overcome obstacles presented in their journey. So instead of writing how a character gets “fame” (which is already an ambiguous and stereotypical objective) write out the mountain the character must overcome, how they overcome it and how the “adventure” they faced changed them.
Also, since you’re a beginner, here’s a tip: do not ever introduce a gun or an object in a scene if you don’t plan on using it later.
Happy writing!