How to find ideas quickly? (When you have a main topic)


Hello RocketJump-Community,

So. Out there do exists a lot of techniques how to find ideas.—It’s easy to use them when you have a main topic.
For example, my main topic is “superheroes”. (The other ideas I tried are to difficult for a beginner like me. So, I put them down. This one is easier. At least because I looooooove comics and superhero movies, duh!)
One of those techniques I know is the mind-mapping. You know: make a circle with a main topic in the middle, then another circle with a minor topic (e.g superpowers) and make a line to connect main/ minor topic, and then a again a smaller circle with a keyword (e.g. super strength) and connect this with a line to the minor topic.
So. Now I want know if you know other, more effective method to find ideas. (When you already got a main topic.)

Have a nice weekend :wink:,


Honestly what I do is start with the dumbest idea or word. Let’s say Pizza. Or even just look at a movie for inspiration, let’s say Baby Driver and Drive. Bam, then smack those movies together. You got Pizza Drive. Honestly just smack together ridiculous things to real movies and you gotta decent idea. Think about it, movies like Kingsman are based off of ridiculous ideas smacked together with real movies. Samuel L Jackson as a ridiculous bad guy + James Bond, there’s Kingsman. Put the movie Taken and put the idea of a dog instead, you got John Wick. So just building or “stealing” from artists is a great way to come up with original ideas. (Pizza Drive is something I’m making so even the most crazy ideas smashed together can be feasible).