How to Write a Logline - OFFICIAL DISCUSSION


Oh man there is so much gold in here. I’m so happy.



An Immortal must escape a police investigation in order to find his long-time nemesis, both caught in a game where there can be only one.


This is the first one to completely stump me.
(I want to say Blade Runner, but am highly doubtful)


It may be because I’m referring to a part of the movie not many people remember, or you haven’t seen it. Just know that the tagline is in there somewhere.


Is it “The One” with Jet Li? It seems like it probably isn’t, but man I used to love that movie. I should revisit it…


Great movie. SING STREET, yeah?

Too good, Kevin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:[quote=“NotADoctor, post:12, topic:5652, full:true”]
A small town sheriff attempts to reconnect with his family while he argues about the closing of a beach with the town’s mayor with the assistance of a marine biologist and navy veteran.

This is great but I do think the greater conflict has to do with a certain underwater fiend rather than the town’s mayor :slight_smile: :fish:

YES! One of my favorites too. OVERBOARD?[quote=“AdjectiveNoun, post:22, topic:5652, full:true”]
An Immortal must escape a police investigation in order to find his long-time nemesis, both caught in a game where there can be only one.

THE MATRIX? This one is just vague enough that I think it could use a few more specific details.

This is a blast. Keep it up, folks!


Maybe I should have mentioned that he’s from the Scottish Higlands.


A more interesting version of Andy Murray’s first Grand Slam final win against Djokovic in the 2012 US Open? :grin:

… It’s Highlander isn’t it?

Here’s maybe my favourite movie, it’s a French movie, but pretty well-known. Anybody can guess?

“A French Aristocrat paralysed from the neck down hires a poor black guy as his helper, and together they’re bound on a journey of discovering the joy of life teaching, and forming each other against their cultural differences and social pressure.”


Thank you. I’m glad someone got it.


Correct. One of my personal favorites.


Great movie! THE INTOUCHABLES, non? :blush:


Yes, you’re absolutely right, @cherish! :slight_smile: Such a beautiful, positive film about the hardships of life.

I’ve been a fan since forever, when we were kids my brother even made his own swords, he was the bigger fan :smiley: We still have those somewhere.


For shits and giggles and/or existential crisis:

Anyone trying to write loglines for themselves? Either your current situation or your life story?

It just occurred to me, but I think I’m afraid to try!


The first feature from a now famous director:

"An anxious eccentric mathematician is in search for a pattern that defines the stock market and life at large but comes against New York corporations and a Jewish group that are in search of the same thing. "


Could be better:

“When a goofy, lovable, secret agent travels from the past to our present in pursuit of his bumbling arch nemesis, he finds he must re-discover himself by overcoming his outdated social conditioning in order to save the world.”


“Two guys get stoned and fall into some wacky hijinks while navigating their way to a popular fast food restaurant.”


Classic! Harold and Kumar!


A: Austin Powers


A novelist takes a side job to be a winter caretaker for a large remote hotel during it winter off season, with his wife and young son, who begin to see vivid and traumatic hallucinations that drive the novelist husband mad and he begins to chase and attack his family.

How am I doing?


I would recommend to avoid using “and” as in “drive the novelist husband mad and he begins to chase”.
It makes the story sound badly written, as if the events happened without logic. You would rather used something like “so” or in that context “to the point where”.
that drive the novelist husband mad to the point where he begins to chase and attack his family