I accidentally bought an Amazon Prime membership for a year. What should I watch?


So, I got a trial version of Amazon Prime to make shipping easier on a computer I was building. However, Amazon decided not to remind me when my trial expired, and $99 was automatically deducted from my account 4 days ago, giving me a year of Amazon Prime.

Thanks, Amazon.

So, I’ve decided to milk my $99 for all of its worth. I suddenly have access to tons of new movies and TV shows–many are free of charge (I already have Netflix!). What are some good movies and shows that are worth watching on Prime?



I hear the grand tours pretty good, but I’ve got a feeling you might have gotten the trial at least in part for that and I don’t know anything else so…
Just try judging a couple of things by their cover?


Never heard of Grand Tours…what’s it about?


Are you talking about what’s available on Prime specifically, or movies to watch in general?


Mozart in the Jungle, hands down.

It’s a show about an orchestra based in New York, more importantly its new eccentric conductor and a struggling young oboist woman who wants to make a career in music. It’s pretty youthful, with great characters, and of course phenomenal music, it’s just a feelgood life adventure inside the world of classical music. This is how you properly introduce everybody to orchestral music.


The grand tour is basically the new top gear. I hear it’s just the old school fun with Jeremy clarkson, Richard Hammond and James may.


What should you watch? You should… watch out for auto-renewal! ba-dum-pssh

Sorry; I don’t have Prime so I actually have nothing useful to add. :confused: (lets self out quietly)


I’m going to take the initiative: watch Tape. It’s a little-known movie made by Richard Linklater that stars Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard, and Uma Thurman. The entire movie takes place in a hotel room, and the movie was made for around $100,000. It’s also based on a stage play. Not a lot of people have seen it, but I enjoyed it.

You should also see Waking Life too, if you haven’t seen that. The ending - when he talks about infinity - changed my view of the world. No hyperbole. A wandering movie to get through that’s a little boring at times, but it’s an experience. Sit down with some popcorn and enjoy the ride.


Oooo, Mr. Robot. I actually haven’t seen it yet but it looks amazing so can you tell me how it is? :grin:


It’s really good.
I actually was going to recommend it.