I feel disappointed about VGHS ending


I kinda fell betrayed because today I wasn’t even home the entire day (home from 9-3:30 et and 5:30-8 and I finished the entire series in one day yes I have read the rules and I’m there is a new animated series coming out soon but it’s just not going to be the same… you would have to animate the same people and make them just as dumb and crazy to make it the same… just use a completely different story line with the same people to make me feel the same… it’s just like remakes of movies… change the actors and change the lines up and it’s just not the same (example: footloose etc.) I want to hear what you guys have to say about this. I can’t wait for the animated series and hope you guys created something you can top the regular vghs. And what I heard was that it was going to be out sometime this year and I have looked for updates but I haven’t seen any on the animated series. Only thing I have seen about is the newest series beside that. If you can help me find a update about it can you guys put it here with your opinions? Please and thank you.


Sorry to say that the animated series doesn’t have a release date yet. So wherever you heard it was coming out this year was wrong. I assure you if any updates come you will be informed.


It is a very bingey series, isn’t it? :slight_smile:
Which makes it an ending you’ve really got to get to terms with. Because it’s a more “real-life ending”, and real life just goes on.
What you’ve got is the story of these characters over the period of one year, which, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t a very long time at all. But that is the time we’ve been allowed to spend with them. And we need to find peace with that.

As for the animated series, it will have all new characters (with maybe a few familiar faces) and a new game mode. So it’s an entirely new story set within the crazy, funny, cheesy universe of vghs.
But it is salt going to be some time waiting because animation takes a long time. Which is why there is little news about the show right now, because there just isn’t anything to show us yet.


I heard it in the forums back from 2015. I googled around a bit and at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 I heard it was coming out 2 years from now. I believe that even you said that Kevin.


If I did I was mistaken. I always try to say coming in the future! Sorry for the confusion


They said it wouldn’t be for AT LEAST two years. And since we’ve heard not seen word of it, I think it’s fair to say they haven’t entered production yet. At the most they’re in pre prod. So it’s going to be quite a while still.


Why couldn’t I have waited a year or 2 from now to watch the series UGH I feel deprived of it already and I just started and finished it yesterday. And now they haven’t even gave us a clue about the animated series since 2 years ago and not even gave us a hint in how much longer or gave us at least a release date. And I mean why was it only 5/6/6 episodes per season i mean if you make a 30 min 3 season series atkeast make it 10 episodes so you can’t finish it in one day (just a tip). And I have already watched everything I want to watch on Netflix, There is nothing on tv, and the hockey season is over for my team + no more NASCAR races until the weekend. What am I going to do!!!


Make a movie yourself


Hey, it’s a actually a lot of work to make a show, you can’t make more episodes just like that. Also they wouldn’t write extra episodes if they can tell their story with less!

If you search a bit you may find other stuffs you’ll like, available for free online.
A personal recommendation is Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’?, which is "a surreal comedy web series about video games."
It has less explosions and guns than VGHS but it’s pretty good, and they are enough episodes for a few hours of binge watching.


I know it is but still if I can finish it in one day that is a sign of not striving to make it better for the people. That is a part of the reason why we all wanted season 4 or vgu. A series with ki and all them would even be good while excluding Brian and Jenny. I am not knocking on the creator cause they had a excellent series that made me want more


I have to disagree with that one too. It would be less respectful to make an uninspired new season just to please people.