I have a big, big, BIG problem!


Hello Community,

I gotta a big, big, big problem. Last week my class discussed what we are doing on our graduation day for the whole school. They decided to make a skit. (I couldn’t vote because I was in cologne for my Abi.—That’s kinda college (but without paying).)
They decided the topic: Time Travel.
Of course, I’m very excited. You can show now which writing skills you got.
Ok. There is more than one problem. First at all I don’t know how to write a theatre script. The second problem is I didn’t decide (’til now) which role I play. The 3rd is: Every year when a class made a skit they wrote it unfunny, unable to understand for smaller children between 6 and (may) 8 years old, and they wrote it with full of clichés.—No joke guys: Some students were sleeping.
So, do you have any tips? How to write funny (when you have smaller children) without clichés? How to write a skit that isn’t a movie? How to write a skit when you have fewer actors plus a lazy guy who is popular (although he is antisocial and … Oh! Did I tell ya he is lazy?)? Yeah! It’s pity that I must write a role for him. Either you do it or they say you are bullying him. He is wannabe gangster rapper and absolutely awkward. That’s the reason why.
Oh yeah! We got already some roles, for example, Napoleon, Romeo and Juliet, Einstein and a crazy scientist á la Doc Brown.


P.S.: That’s kinda training for script writing. Duh! And we got just 5 til 10 minutes. It must be small.


If you want to watch a weird time travel movie watch time bandits you could get some ideas from it