I just realized how important good editing is


So, I found this series called “El Internado” on Netflix. The premise was interesting so I started watching. I’ll admit the story and characters intrigued me but…the editing. The editing ruined it. Every single cut lasted like, a split-second. The camera moved too much. There were so many cuts that I had to stop watching because I’d been overwhelmed. Like, I wanted to enjoy this series, but the editing ruined it for me.

I guess it is a matter of personal taste, but I realized just how important good editing is to a story. It doesn’t merely set the pacing of the film–it also drives the emotional current. Lingering on a shot for a half-second or a full ten seconds can have DRASTIC changes on how the audience feels about what they’re seeing. Editing doesn’t MAKE the film, however, it can BREAK it.

Your thoughts?


I’d go further, it DOES make it. Editing film is what makes cinema. Montage is what defines the difference between a stage play and a film.
It is perhaps the single most important tool in a filmmakers arsenal.

Side thought: There a good edit at one end, the other end is a phenomenal one-take.


I heard in some documentary that editing is unique to the filmmaking medium. Think about how true that is.


@Jasper_Cloud Totally agree and very well said. I’ve seen a great editor make an AMAZING video with footage taken on an iPhone4s. Then I’ve seen average editors who make average stuff with phenomenal footage taken on a cinema camera.

I think every part of production is equally important. For example, if you don’t have good audio and sound design than the best cinematography and editing are futile.


Like the saying goes the movie is made in the “cutting room”.