Icy Dead People - Lego Stop-Motion


Hey everyone! I posted my trailer for this film a couple of weeks ago and not I finally have the full film finished! This film took me around 10 months to make (working on and off) but I had a lot of fun making it :slight_smile: Let me know what you think!



Hey man, super cool stuff. Some really good stop motion filmmaking.
I think the sounddesign could still be improved somewhat, though don’t ask me for specifics because sound is not my forte :smile:
I do think you could make it more entertaining and a more fullfilling experience in all by working on the story. I think that by putting a little extra work in exposition, dramatic structure and your characters (make them more characters and less the puppets they are) you could take things like this to a whole new level.
Again though super cool stuff. Keep on making it, keep on practicing .