In-Camera Transformation Effect - OFFICIAL DISCUSSION


For the month of October RocketJump FRIGHT School releases spooky, horror-themed filmmaking tutorials! This week, we’re recreating a famous special effect done by director Rouben Mamoulian and DP Karl Struss in the 1931 adaptation of “Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.”

Using contrasting colors in our lighting and makeup while shooting in black and white, we’re able to create the spooky transformation effect in-camera, without any computer generated VFX.

Mamoulian and Struss used specially-made filters of colored glass, but here we’ll show you a simple way to recreate the effect with lighting gels, using the same principles.

If you’d like to know more, you can read an interview with Rouben Mamoulian where he discusses the effect in the book “The Celluloid Muse” by Charles Higham.

Special Thanks to our makeup artist Taylor Berez!

Did you try out this effect? We wanna see it! Post your work on our forums by submitting below or clicking “Discuss This Lesson.”


What’s so cool about this is when you guys posted this video, In Psychology class I was learing about how colored photos were created. This tied into my class where we were learing about colorblindness! Just thought that was a cool coincidence. :smile:


For those who are having trouble seeing the before and after:





I really enjoyed this video- what a clever technique! I must also add a nod to @Cherish & @JoeyScoma for the acting!



it’s definitely one of our favorites!