Instagram Videos


Rocketjump’s Instagram uploaded a video of filming something that looked like a VGHS for kids?


Nope, that’s a new short that will come out a little later on. It’s pretty crazy!

Side note: If you guys want to follow us, RocketJump is on instagram as @rocketjumpig, and the film school is on instagram as @rjfilmschool!


I can’t not read RocketJump’s instagram name as “Rocket Jum Pig”


That was so relatable I literally just spit out my water while reading that.


Yeah, my brain still can’t un-see it that way; at first I thought it was like a parody-insult account making a joke I didn’t get


Hey man, I have a question: How do you have that “The Sound Guy” text right beside your name? Or is it only for RJ staff?


I’d assume it’s an admin-only thing, as far as adding it to a user’s account. I actually didn’t ask for it or put it there. They could put “connoisseur of fine cocks” and I couldn’t stop them.

(That was a dare, @Lauren)


SORELY TEMPTED to take that dare in Lauren’s place. Maybe “slippery dick” would be even better.


Another insight in the awesome powers that rest with the moderators.
Don’t piss them off!


Haha, so true! Lol…


Can I just say how thrilled I am that the “Rocket Jum Pig” problem has been resolved? They’re @rocketjump on instagram now.


Is there a reason why it was “Rocket Jump Pig”


Lol, it was Rocket Jump Ig, Ig standing for instagram.


Always like Nick and Kevin saw it as “Rocket Jump Pig” but never bothered to ask why haha