Intro to Fight Choreography – Official Video Discussion!



Yung Lee (also known as GakAttack) is an awesome action designer and friend of RocketJump, and has worked closely with Lauren and Clint to film some sweet action scenes for us. So with Yung’s help, we determined some basic building blocks for creative Action Design…and this is just to get us started.

What did you guys think of the video? Let us know below!

Also, check out/download this handy study guide!


Hey guys.

For my French class, we were suppose to create a roleplay/video containing a certain amount of lines and vocabulary. As a fan of RocketJump and having an interest in filmmaking/vfx (as a hobby), my buddies and I got whatever camera we had and made a generic action short film making light of the Fast & Furious franchise for the project. Being the director, choreographer and artist for all the post-production (visual/sound), I used RocketJump’s insightful videos for inspiration and knowledge. Our first video was accomplished on a $0 budget.

The Video
he fight scenes start around 3:15 and 3:20. If anyone can give any advice for future just-for-fun shorts we might make, I’d gladly accept criticism (and yes, the other parts - especially the dialogue scenes - are extremely bad. We dubbed them the last day).



I’d just say, don’t be afraid to lock the camera down or throw it on your shoulder for some more stability. Keep making stuff! :facepunch:


So, this might be cheating, because we made it 3 years ago. But here you go: Flashback Fight

Now I’m super-depressed, because I haven’t really directed any action in 3 years. Time to get back to it!



Thank you for making this topic and thank you Yung Lee for the advice!
I was also on a steadycam workshop with Garett Brown and indeed did say that the camera moves with the action!

Here is a fight scene I have done with some friends. It was just a test, now I’m trying to create something with a story.
Hope you’ll enjoy it:


Hey guys what do you think about my video. It’s loosely based of jackie chans police story 2 fight scene.enter link description here


Compliment sandwich time!

First off, great work! I enjoyed it and there was a sense of humor in the scenes. If you are using RocketJump as inspiration, then you are definitely on the right track. One aspect that really shines is the sound editing your fights. They really sold some of the action (especially making your car chase seem a bit faster)

Once Din discovers the two hitmen at his house and chases them off, there’s a sequence that shows the one big issue I found, which was continuity of movement across shots. Around 2:35, the Furious Frenchies run from the left to the right of the shot, and Din follows shortly after. Then in the next shot, the Frenchies are running from right to left and one drops his mask. Cut back to Din running in from the left, and discovers the mask. This framing suggests that they were running towards each other or at least in opposite directions, so it’s confusing to the eye when suddenly Din comes upon them.

This is important because right after we get a shot of our previously masked assailant moving out from cover (on the left of frame towards the middle) and then we cut to the reverse shot where he’s coming from the right, but then we cut back to the original side and Din is on the left and the hitman on the right as the fight begins. What happens is with such quick cuts, it takes the viewer a split second to figure out where things are on the screen and track what’s happening. By the time they do that, it’s onto a different shot where characters are in a different position. You lose the fluidity of your action because the audience is always trying to catch up.

That said, I liked the fast pace you kept up. It clearly took a lot of work to get all those shots and it demonstrates dedication.

Good work and keep shooting!


I made this a few months ago but it’s still a fight scene, so here it is! I didn’t have a ton of ideas for what we’d be doing as far as choreography and that definitely shows. Also it started raining which didn’t help. The thing I notice the most looking back is just how boring the camera is. There are a few exchanges that would’ve benefited from more movement. All things considered though, I think it turned out alright. There are a few moments I like a lot and I learned a ton while shooting/editing.


Had some great moments! Some of the camera work felt a little close, so it got a little unclear. Pacing was pretty solid, though you can tighten things up in the edit a little.
Actors did a good job selling both hits and reactions! That’s tough, takes either REALLY solid direction, or lots of experience, so kudos!


Thanks for the insight. I re-watched that running scene and I see the problem now that you’ve mentioned it. I’ll definitely keep your advice in mind in my future videos! :smile:


Thanks for the feedback!


enter link description here

This is a video I made last year. I know the audio is terrible, but I just wanted know your thoughts on everything else.


Hi everyone. This was pretty much my first action short film I had made last month.

The fight scenes were choreographed the day of the shoot because I don’t know how I could plan a fight by myself. I think that for the most part the first fight in the park was better, but I know now what I can work on for the future.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Pre-vis is also called videoboard. Check this out guys!

Rocket Jump is awesome!


Hi guys,
If any of you could watch this and tell me what I need to improve (I have some stuff in the description) it would mean a lot :smiley:



Thank you very much for these lessons! Not only am I learning stuff but I am also getting inspired to just get out there and do it!

This is a short film my friend and I made, the main fight scene starts at 1.35. The main issue I had when filming was being accurate with the camera when making large movements, and also having just over 180 degrees of set to work with as we were filming in a theater. Any advice, feedback or criticism at all would be most welcome!!




Hand to hand combat inspired By VGHS’s
Imaginary Awesome Video Game (LACERATION FORCE ) and
RocketJump’s Short (Every Fighting Game EVER)

Thoughts ?


Thanks a lot for the feedback!
The actors were not really actors, they are people trying to get into action-acting. They wanted to do crazy stuff but when we saw they couldn’t control their hits, the fight choreographer insisted to have a “simple” choreography. And then the editing did the magic as well…


Hey Guys and Girls,

I made this short 3 years ago, it was inspired by what RocketJump were doing and based on an older short I made as a kid.

It’s entirely a whole fight scene with a couple dialogue intercut so I thought it better to share the whole short. Subtitles in English are available (the film is in Arabic)

I hope you guys like it and I’d love to hear pointers from you.

Thanks a lot :smiley:



Here is another fight scene that I shot. Pretty old though but there is a bit of a story in this one: