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Hey I’m Kevin! And I’ve been a part of the forums since December of 2013 I’m a DIE HARD VGHS and FreddieW fan and if you guys ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask!


Hola mi nombre es Roman Sepulveda, y ustedes seguro van a traducir esto en google traductor…

Oh disculpen… *Cambiando a ingles / changing to english)…

Hi, my Name is Roman Sepulveda, best known as Romandang (because of my nickname i think haha). I’m a 19 years old guy from Dominican Republic (Yup, as you read, my native language is Spanish, and english is my second, so if you read some english faults from me, i hope you understand and you help me to improve it :smiley: ).

I love Flimmaking, a lot, it’s my dream and my goal to live as a filmmaker. Love VFXs, Rocketjump, VGHS, Videogames, Photography and Acapella singers haha…

I’m actually studying Advertising and Communication, because is the closest career to Filmmaking worth paying in my country. Recently ended my Professional Photography diploma and earlier this year i ended my Digital Filmmaking Diploma, but this one didn’t ended as i expected, at the end it was not what i was looking for. This is why i’m so freaking exited for the Rocketjump Film school. While i study, i’m working as a independent photographer.

And as i said on the old forum, i’m happy to talk and learn with all you here on this community. :smiley:

…Btw, there’s a high posibility that i’m Nicholas Cage…


Hi guys! (Yo @Romandang, hablo español lol)


OMG! Nick that was totally unexpected! HAHAHA! estoy muerto de la risa ahora mismo! I was planning to make some spanish anwers on the old forum just to watch the others reactions hahaha

It’s nice to know that you speaks spanish too hahaha It’s hard to find american people that speaks spanish outside Florida


Well, I’m from California, so we need to know Spanish too haha :slight_smile:


I’m still JW. Still guy who buys the pizzas at Foggy Sheep Productions in Portland.

No, I’m not a hipster.

Yes, Portlandia is accurate. The first season, anyway.


Greetings! It’s just swell to be here on the updated forums! I answer to the titles Fudge, Pie, Prophet, or all of them together. I’ve been a part of the community here since about December 2013 and I mostly hang around the random threads. To some it all up, I’m pretty much just some random RocketJump fan.

One day I wrote some slightly pie related post on the old forums @NotADoctor then proclaimed it a verse, ever since that day, both of us and @Nick, @Jake_Rodriguez, @BigSwift and others have been writing the
Wholly Book Of The Pieble! Praise be to the Crust! Delicious Amen.


Hey! Im David, Ive been around since about March…after a six month hiatus I returned about a month or so ago. Glad to be on the updated site!


Sounds suspiciously like something a hipster would say :wink:

Also, hi @BigSwift and @FudgePieProphet! Good to see you all :slight_smile:


Whats up community I am Jake Rodriguez a lot of you already know me. I am Mexican, californian born and raised. I am 21 years old currently going to school for film making I was the intern at Rocket Jump now I just pop in when I have time to help out. I am hugely interested in growing the wonderful Rocket Jump community. I am also a huge fan of Rooster teeth, Game of Throne, The Walking Dead, and Anime!


Another David here. Superstore Cart Pusher with a serious lack of ambition.
For me, life is about stories. Videogames, Books, Anime, TV shows, Movies - if it has a good story, I’m there, which is part of why I’m here. VGHS was the thing that brought me to RocketJump and I plan on sticking around for a long while.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!


Yo, I’m Not A Doctor, but i also answer to Doc.
I like long walks on the beach and i appreciate smooth jazz and good color grading.
I have a borderline obsessive need to make films that can be pretty cool.
I’ve been on the forums for a while now and i intend to stay a long while longer.
What Kev is for VGHS i am for RJFS, seriously, I’m so hyped.
Occasionally i do things of some importance, but most of the time, i’m just the friendly guy you can strike up a conversation with.
Also, i’m Australian.


^^^That contradiction.


Whats up im ollie from the UK ad live in london :slight_smile: , 18 years old and in sixth form and like jake like game of thrones, walking dead and breaking bad!


Allo Allo! I’m Ezra Style and I’ve been part of the RocketJump Forums since like March or something, but I’ve been a big fan of RJ since February 2012.

I’m an amateur filmmaker looking to go the YouTube route like this site’s namesake. I really love storytelling and filmmaking and I’ll hopefully be moving to LA in the next few years to be in an area with more filmmakers, or at least in the area of my favourite filmmakers. I actually live in the NYC (Central NJ to be specific) area but I’m not really interested in it much (although if you live there and are looking for people to work with, I’m still interested!).

I’m 21 and still at University, so actually taking the time to make films is hard, but I’m always looking for people to work with! I also do LP’s for video games like Minecraft (don’t judge me) and other PC games and would totally be up for playing/recording with other people on here. (GTA V comes out on January 27th!!!)

Umm, umm, what else? I’m a UK/US dual citizen, am a cat person (but dogs are great too!), I know a lot about tech (both filmmaking and otherwise), ANNNND I love RocketJump, Corridor Digital, Node, Yogscast, and Robbaz =3


Herro everybody, I’m RetroSpecter. I’m obsessed with visual effects and love making shorts with my friends (though we havent had much time lately). Been a fan of Freddie Wong for a very long time now, and like to think I am a pretty swell guy.


Hi again, everyone! I’m Lauren, and I work at RocketJump as a cinematographer.

I’m the Dean of the RocketJump Film School, which is launching Dec 1st (we have our own forum category now, yay!), and I have been in charge of the VGHS Behind-the-Scenes for seasons 2 and 3. Nice to have you all here!


Woohoo! Hello @Destructive_oma, @Ezra_Style, @RetroSpecter, and @Lauren! :slight_smile:


My name is Marty and I’m from Jacksonville, FL. I’m a journalism graduate who has worked in journalism, marketing, PR, and business development. I just accepted a job as a Contract Specialist for the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) and will be moving to Washington, D.C. in the next couple months. Fun, fun.

I very much enjoy VGHS and the cast/staff behind it. I listen to the Facerocker podcasts and catch what I can that involves them. I am a very big fan of Brian Firenzi and enjoy his outrageously random tweets. While I have a background in writing, I was never able to really use it for fun styles of writing as a person doesn’t just write for a video game or web series while living in Jacksonville. I live my dream precariously through Rocketjump, although their Behind the Scenes videos also helps show just how demanding it can be at times. So many times, the videos are obviously shot at 2 a.m. and Freddie and Matt look like they’re about to faceplant into a sleep-coma at any second.

I’m also a huge sports fan, gamer, and bird watcher (random, I know).

Nice to meet everyone.