Introduce Yourself!


Hey @derekv, since the end of high school…which for me means a little over a decade. Freaky. How time flies. (And somehow I still thought I’d just started playing :confused: ). What about you? You play?

@aoshaw21 what about you? What kind of music do you like to jam out to?


I really enjoy playing all those classics with proper guitar work. For example: Smoke on the water (and others). I never really find myself playing pop songs as such, because you tend to find there’s only a few chords, and that’s the lot.


Very nice! I do, I play guitar (and a few others), and I’ve been playing for 18 years now. Talk about time flying. Haha


I agree. The more interesting songs for me tend to be the more intricate ones (a la Master of Puppets). :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Nicky Bell. I’m 26 from the east coast of Canada. I am a Drum teacher as well as a service tech at small local computer repair shop. I play in a few (Metal/Rock) bands around the city as well as run a small recording studio out of my basement.
I have 2 degrees One for Audio Engineering and one for desktop support/service tech ( Guess which one I can find a job in!)

I have always had an interest in films from really little. I wanted to be and actor, did plays in middle/High School, but ended up choosing the route of audio engineering. A few years ago I started looking into filming for fun, watching tutorials and other videos picking it apart and such. I had a hard time finding people who would let me tag along with there filming or would want to work with me in creating my own. Until a year or 2 ago I got the chance to be on a small team that was competing in a 48 hour film festival. After that the guys/girls I worked with in that moved away. Ever since then I wanted to do more.

So Im here to listen, learn and in joy what RJFS has.

Thanks Everyone

Nicky Bell


Awesome @NickyBell, welcome! Glad to have you here! Let us know how you like RJFS and how we can do better (we even have a whole subforum dedicated to that over in #issues-suggestions).


Welcome, Nicky! I’m sure you’ll find there’s lots of great info to go around here.


Enjoy your time here @NickyBell, it’s awesome to see more film enthusiasts!


Hey guys, I was wondering, if I have an idea for a RocketJump short, is there any way I can pitch it to them?


I’m not saying it’s a definite that it will happen, but we’re happy to hear it too! I’m sure one of the RocketJump lot will answer your question, though.


Hey @talhaak, you are more than welcome to throw out your ideas for a short, however we absolutely 100% can not take outside ideas. It’s purely a legal issue. We can’t do it. Sorry!

Don’t let that stop you, though. It just means you might get to make your own short :slight_smile:


Hi I thought because I just signed up I might as well write something because only 711 other did so here goes!
I’ve been a big RocketJump fan for a while now so when some of my friends (@aoshaw21) suggested I sign up to this I thought I’d give it a go!

That’s about it really…


Sounds good. Are you a creator too? What are you doing with your life? Is there really nothing more to you than been l being a friend to @aoshaw21 and a rocketjump fan? :smiley:


Welcome to the forums man! @aoshaw21 is pretty cool and if you’re his friend then you must be cool as well! Haha enjoy the forums!


I’m a bit of a gamer and do some coding in my spare time (Scratch, Python, JavaScript)


Awwww thanks @RedRocketFilms!

Am I not enough @Jasper_Cloud? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is about your friend, not about you! :wink:


why hello fellow humans, I am @Trev44, a fan of rocketjump from back when it was called FreddieW.
an aspiring director and currently working on a SW fanfilm, I am an active gamer and I cant wait to interact with this community!


That’s great Trev! welcome to the community, I hope you will have a great time here with us.
Any idea where you’d like to start interacting (other than this here right now :stuck_out_tongue: )?


ummm… I should probably look at the other topics and threads now that I think about it.