Introduce Yourself!


Welcome @Trev44! Make sure to show off your films when you finish them up!


Hey there my name is Skye. I stumbled upon the forums of rocket jump and decided to give it a shot.

I am a creator and recently graduated from college for film. Now looking into what I should do next… but in that time I’d love to get to know people who enjoy the energy of RJ and it’s community.


Welcome Skye, glad you’re here! Where can we check out your stuff? And don’t forget to share it with us on here when you make something new.
We have a great shameless self promotion thread or a critique me category of you want some more feed back.
See you around!


Hey Jasper thanks! Right right well here’s my portfolio! I sure will I can’t wait to start exploring more of this place. Critique will for sure come in handy!


Whatup, Skye? Hope to see you around :smiley:


Heya RocketJump,

I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been fan for a while, but only just now stumbled on to your field trip to VGP. I’m an old buddy of Vince’s from the Dogma days and seeing your interview got me up off my ass to go google stalk some contact information for him.

Thanks again, and keep up the god damn spectacular work.


Hey @Yoko, thanks for the kind words and glad to have you here!


Hey RocketJump and it’s wondrous fans!

I have no idea if I fit in, but I have very little to do with VFX, and very few projects to do with it. I’m currently studying Diploma(Undergraduate) in Mass Communication, aiming to major in Broadcasting and Advertising for my Degree. I have a few shorts coming up, which i plan to upload on my “production” channel, here.

I love how RJFS has been setup,a and have been binge watching all of the episodes lately, from production to directing to cinematography, before creating an account. Alongside Film Riot, you guys are my go-to source of inspiration and help in every single facet of the designing and filming process.

If by any chance someone living in Malaysia read this, maybe we could go film a short sometime?

I am dying to meet the many faces of RJ’s community and the people who work behind the scenes in every RJ episode.



Welcome, Shaun!
I can’t wait to see some of your projects, if you would like to share them with us, so good luck with those!

We are very lucky of course to have the RJFS, and all their exciting content. They are a helpful, fun and friendly bunch and there may be one or two lurking around the forums!

You’re not the only one who wants to meet the RocketJump team! I hope you get the oppurtunity to.

Enjoy the forums and great to meet you! :smile:


Welcome @Shaun_Yap! Glad to have you!


Hi! I’m Mujie. Well, that’s not my real name, but if I told you my real name I’d have to kill you. Or, at least, like, have to conquer the world so that it’s not a problem. The assassination attempts would be an issue (considering you can’t rule the world without being a dictator), but at least people knowing my real name wouldn’t be a problem.

On second thoughts, maybe I should tell you guys my real name. :wink:

I’m mainly a fan of VGHS and loved it. And I’ve seen a few of the RJ videos. I loved the one about the wifi password.

(Did you expect me to say more about RJ? I’m really bad at introductions on forums. But, to be fair, I’m worse at goodbyes. FYI. So much so that I don’t know how to end this post

Censored for prolonged goodbye)


Hey @mujie! Really enjoyed reading that, and welcome!


Whatup @mujie! Welcome to the RJ forums :smiley:


Thank you for the warm welcome @aoshaw21 and @Daniel ! I’ve got a mushy gushy sort of short about to go into production after my finals with plans for a longer one come year end for a friend’s jewelry company, and I would definitely share it with you wonderful people :slight_smile:

On a side note, hello mujie! You totally could with enough mind control devices :smiley:


Hi iM Zain,im an indie filmmaker you can check me out on you tube Assadzmanfilms ,i love cinema and film.i work with a canon t3i and i have gear like some cstands and stuff i live in cali! :wink: lol … and i write screenplays but i dont think i’m good at it. i love rocket jump and there videos there brilliant at what they do!


Welcome Zain aka @Assadzman! Glad to have you here, man!


Hi I’m MrAnarchy (won’t say my real name, the government is watching) I’m an aspiring movie director, ameteur film critic, and ultimate film buff. I like stuff like airsoft ,battlefield 4 ,and watching classic films.


Welcome @MrAnarchy, enjoy and I hope you find some help from the Film School section too!


What’s up @MrAnarchy? Glad to have you here man!


thank you @Daniel and @aoshaw21 for your kind introductions!