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Hello there, my name is Ryan. I’ve been a fan of RocketJump/FreddieW videos since the Jedi A-Holes video shortly after its release back in the day. Had been a huge fan of the Facerocker Podcast as well as To The Future podcast. I’m a senior at CSUF graduating in the Spring with a degree in Entertainment Art/Animation emphasizing in Lighting/Compositing. My goal is to find an internship somewhere in LA, preferably at a studio specializing in VFX. I would LOVE to work at RocketJump because of the fast-paced yet exciting environment of the studio. But like I said, been a big fan for a long, long time. It was actually Freddie’s videos that really made me want to get into the VFX business, though I had always leaned towards that field anyways.

Personal Work:

Thanks guys, glad to be here!



Hey @SwannyRiver, glad to have you here! If you’re down we’d love to see you show off some of your work :smiley:


Hey, my name’s Josh, and I recently rediscovered Rocket jump after trying to describe to my sister-in-law the cardboard warfare video from years past. Now over the past month I’ve found myself absolutely impassioned about film making, something which I DID NOT expect I must admit. Over the course of 2weeks, I’ve been marathoning everything to be found on the 3 Rocket jump YouTube channels. Be it a simple tutorial or a fully fledged video essay, or be it another awesome short by the Shorts team and the BTS to follow.

(Did a literal “Yes!!” in my bedroom, at 2am, when I saw that RocketJump brought the Siblings Burch into the fold. Those two are amazing.)

Everything from production lighting and lenses, everything I could find on sound design during filming and post production, all the way to the twitch streams with RJFS. I just can’t seem to get enough, no matter the subject. I finally came to the forums after my brother told me that he hadn’t seen me this engaged in anything since we were kids.

So there you have it. I’m here at the table, and I’m damned hungry for more.


Hey Josh! Welcome to the forum!
I love your enthusiasm! Can’t wait to see it pop up across the forum. Hope you have a good time here with us all. See you around :smile:

As are, I think, we all! Rocketjump is the best.


Welcome to the forum Josh !


Hello everyone!

My name is Vincent. I’ve always had a love for creating. For the past two years I’ve grown significantly from doing my own freelance while studying abroad to landing my first job right out of college in a marketing team at a software company. I specialize in video editing and motion graphics. I got my ‘professional’ start doing videos for twitch streamers and now I work day after day doing what I love.

It’s literally been a dream and a surprise that I was able to make all of this possible on my own. I’ve always been a fan of Freddie Wong’s work and what other youtubers have achieved. Rocketjump’s film has given me more confidence and a desire to contribute to these forums and interact with other creatives.

I want to learn everything I can!


Welcome Vincent! Glad to have you here! Feel free to share any of your videos you want feedback on there are plenty of awesome users that will check it out and critque it for you! :smiley:


Thanks for the warm welcome man! And I definitely will!


Welcome to Vincent, Josh and Ryan!


Howdy y’all! The name is Adrian and I have been working in video design since I was 12. FreddieW was one of my biggest inspirations when I first got started into filmmaking, and he still is.
Currently I am a college student pursuing film, I’m on my last year and by the time it’s over I’ll be ready to tackle the world.

Here is my work so far:

It isn’t RocketJump quality, but you got to start somewhere :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading, and an extra thanks if you checked out my channel.

Stay Classy y’all!


Hey @Josh_S, glad to have you here, dude! Welcome :slight_smile:


Oh man two more! Howdy @RiceFieldsForever and @Sopada! Glad you two are with us.


Welcome to the community! :smile:
I look forward to seeing you around!


Hey RocketJumpers!

I’ve finally joined the forum! For those of you who don’t know me (which is most of you!), my name is Yoni (nickname for Jonathan) and I’m the accounting/numbers guy for RocketJump.

Its awesome to see this forum up and running, and all the amazing topics being discussed here. I’ll definitely try to keep up with it all, and try to post as much as possible!!!






Keviiin! Whats up man?!?! How’s life?


Just trying to make it through my first year of college!


Sidebar: guys, this thread makes me so happy. I love this community.


And we love you @cherish!
We’re a big happy rocketjump family!