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Aw yeah! Yoni in da house!


Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I was on this forum but I thought I’d come back: this time sans fake name and persona. I used to go by @Ezra_Style but that persona is no more. I was here on the original forums and have been following RocketJump for years now (I’ve actually met someone from RocketJump in person when they came to my university across the country to speak in a panel I was organizing and it was super cool).

I loved this community when I was a part of it and I see that some of my old friends are still about. To Nick @Kevin_Nguyen NotADoctor and anyone I may be missing, hi guys! Sorry for lying about my name! It’s Alex Smith. For reals this time.

I’ve just moved to the Silicon Valley, near San Francisco (if you didn’t know where it was). I’m currently unemployed and floundering but I’m trying to figure things out and make some money so I can get back to making videos.

Here’s a second shout out to Kevin for following me back on my brand new twitter account (come follow me! because that’s what prompted me to come back just now.

As all introductions I’ve ever done; this one is long but I just want to say one more thing: I do tech (computers, networking, servers), editing/visual effects, and writing reasonably well and I’d love to be able to help people on the forum with anything they might like to talk with me about. Drop me a line: I’ll try to be active.

Stay awesome, friends.

Alex (Not Ezra)

What made you happy today?

Here’s a second shoutout to @Nick and @NotADoctor because I am technically a new member and can’t tag more than 2 people in a post!


I’ve missed you bud. I hope everything goes well for you in Silicon Valley! Thanks for coming back and checking in on the forum geezers :stuck_out_tongue: , message me sometime we need to catch up!


I don’t think I can start message threads as a new user, you’ll have to message me.





*cough* I mean hey guys what’s up just being totally normal here at the office. Totally normal.

Welcome back @alexicon! You’re not a new user anymore. You’re good to go.


Welcome back to the forums! It’s good to see you again. :smile:




Good to have you back dude!
How’s Silicon Valley? Is it true they have a statue of Tesla that emits wifi?


I have not seen it yet… but yes. Silicon Valley’s weather climate is perfect but job climate is awful.

Hi all!


Hey Alex! Welcome back dude! It sure has been a while :slight_smile: glad to see your triumphant return


Welcome back alexicon!


Oh hey there. I’m not used to this kind of site, so I hope this posts correctly.

Anyway, I’m AJ. I’m a 22 year old aspiring filmmaker and writer from Pennsylvania, and I’m hoping to start getting my projects off the ground by next year at best. As an artist, I hope to changed the face of horror in the underground community and create a platform to help others like me get their names out there and build a support network. One of my biggest dreams if I ever had to break away from my home town is to move to Pittsburgh to be closer to the horror community and potentially go to Tom Savini’s make up school to learn more about the craft.


What’s up @IAmCinema! Welcome welcome welcome!


Hey there! Not too much. Brainstorming for writing ideas. How are you doing?


Doing great. Love seeing new “faces” :smiley:


Hi all!

Let me introduce myself, I’m
Szabó Péter György, or Peti for short, from a great little historic town dating
back to the Roman Empire called Szentendre in Hungary. Those of you who are on
the twitch stream regularly have already met me, I’m responsible for a few gong
hits, I like to hang out there. I’m 28, an electrical engineer, and a huge
nerd, so I think this place will suit me :slight_smile:

I like meaningful discussions
about any topic even if English is not my native language, I’m trying to do my
best at it.

I really love meeting new people,
learning new things, seeing new perspectives from completely different
cultures, places, life situations other than mine. So my goal is generally
growing as a person. That positive attitude with a little bit of humour here
and there is how I like to present myself.

One more thing I really love is
movie music. That is my favourite part of the whole Filmmaking scene and I’ve
been one of the biggest John Williams fans in Hungary for sure since I first
saw Star Wars when I was 5, and I consider myself among the luckiest people to
have met and talked to him in person. I don’t have much musical training, but
if any of you have any questions regarding this topic, or need feedback on the
music for your project, I can provide totally unprofessional, but honest
comments :slight_smile:

Nice meeting you all!
Üdv, Peti


Welcome once again Peti! :smiley:


Welcome to the community @SzPeti42!