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Hey @SzPeti42, welcome to the forum. Electrical Engineering is really cool. I was thinking about studying it myself, post university.


Welcome @IAmCinema and @SzPeti42 have a good time here guys


Hello @IAmCinema Welcome to the forums!


Greetings everyone, new guy here just hoping to make new friends and gain outstanding knowledge outside of the military


Welcome to the forums! RJ’s own @Yon_Dog has Navy experience too, actually :stuck_out_tongue:

Any specific parts of the filmmaking process that particularly interest you (on set, post-production, etc.), or are you looking to explore a bunch of different aspects of it?


Welcome @cameronjUSN! There’s a ton of threads all over this site where people have shared their experiences with the film school, the film industry, etc. and there are also a TON of short films, commercials, and the like to watch in the Critique Me section. If you’ve got questions about any of it, give us a shout!

So awesome to see long-standing community members in here. WOO @alexicon and @SzPeti42 :smile:.

@IAmCinema DUDE. Tons of Tom Savini and horror fans here, particularly Dez and @JoeyScoma. Joey just went to Monsterpalooza, which is an awesome convention for horror fans out here. Anyway, welcome (and hello again) to all of you!


Thank you for the expedited response brother, I really appreciate it. I’m looking for any and ALL production experience I can get my hands on. As of right now I’m still in the process of getting out so I can’t start my schooling until I get the correct paperwork (Like the DD214).
So I wanted to utilize whatever free time I have to volunteer with anyone and everyone who will have me… ANYONE I can learn from.


Thank you,
I have little to no experience with production so I’m hoping to grab something more hands on.


Hey @cameronjUSN!

What’s up Shipmate? Welcome to the forum!
What’s your rate? Where are you stationed at?

Just to give you a little ease of mind, I still don’t know anything about film and somehow I’m in the industry! (I work the accounting/finance side of things).

First thing I would say is try to figure out what you would like to do in film. You’ve came to the right place to find out about the film industry. Our RJ team is full of wisdom, so you’re in the right place. Make sure you take advantage of their experience!

You’d be surprised how many jobs in the industry (and civi life) tie into things you’ve done in the navy. For example, our boy Eli, who was army (don’t hold it against him), is a VFX editor. Attention to detail is key there brotha.

Be in touch! PM me if you have any other q’s.


Hey what’s up brother,

I’m currently a CS2 Stationed at HSM-41 (squadron) on North Island Naval Base in Coronado. About to go through MedBoard in mid October due to some injuries I got Afghanistan though.

I would love to know more about producing, film editing, and post production side on things. As well as a bit of film making. I just want to soak up as much as I can.
Hell, I’ll sweep floors, grab water, whatever, however I can get the opportunity to gain some hands on experience. Being in the Navy is just a bit like being a janitor anyhow lol jk. But seriously, thank you for the help, I really appreciate. Email me or text you you have more helpful info.


Thank you for your service! We have a great community of filmmakers and people from all over really! You’ll get acclimated here in no time! :wink:


Welcome aboard. Served my self awhile back. There’s a good community here with full on encyclopedic knowledge to be found.


Welcome @cameronjUSN! Everybody else already said all the good stuff, so I’m just sayin’ hi!


Hi everyone! I am John, and I am happy to be here. I am an independent filmmaker in Washington State. I am working on a documentary right now, and I will hopefully be releasing it by the end of the year. Peace!


Yo, welcome @JohnCarterofMedia!

Congratulations on living in the best state. I’m jealous.


Where are you? I am originally from Texas, but I married a young lady from WA, so… yeah… I’m from Washington. LOL


We’re all in the Los Angeles area now, but @FreddieW, @jfwong, and I all grew up in Washington.


So… some of the topics are locked… How do I get in those?


Most the topics you see that are locked are topics that have been merged with other ones!

And Texas is the best


@Kevin_Nguyen ahahahahahaha that’s cute.