Introduce Yourself!


What do you mean? Can I not access them, or do I have to find the back door?


No one can access them, except for moderators


Welcome to the forum John! How you have a good time here and looking forward to your documentary :wink:


You should be able to get in, is just that they’ve been closed for future posts. So you can read what has been said, but the discussion (on that thread) is over


Thank you Cherish! :slight_smile:

Also welcome @cameronjUSN and @JohnCarterofMedia to the party, I love how this platform brings in so many different people from so many different places.

I’ve never met someone from the US military, so that’s a first :slight_smile: My great-great grandfather was a Huszár (Hungarian cavalry) during the first World War, that’s the only documented military activity in my family, the only other stuff was during the cold war when the Soviet military used my grandfather, (who was a geography/drawing teacher and artist) to draw them super secret strategy maps for when the evil US attacks Hungary with nukes… God, I’m glad those times are over.
So big respect to you, and I hope we will always be on the same side! :slight_smile:


That’s pretty cool. I am also in the US Navy. I was active duty on a submarine for 5 years and I have been in the Navy Reserve for 6 years since. I am an ET1. Nice to meet you @cameronjUSN


@JohnCarterofMedia What did you do while you were on the sub? My girlfriend is at NNPTC right now in charleston and is hoping to get stationed on a sub when she graduates


Radio… because, you know: No comms no bombs :wink:


If I ever have the time and money, I’d love to go to Monsterpalooza and Cinema Wasteland to check things out. :smiley:


Hi, I am Omobolaji Opakunbi a filmmaker from Nigeria. I am passionate about films and the process of making them. My strengths are in Cinematography, Directing and Editing. I do have interest in VFX also, hoping to develop that skill.

I’d be glad to meet others with same interests here and learn a great deal from you all.


Glad to meet you too, @Bolaji! I hope you enjoy your time here.


Hi Bolaji! Welcome to the party! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums :smiley:


Welcome @Bolaji! Great to have you with us!


I may have already posted here, I actually can’t remember, it’s late. Anyway, hi everyone. I am Hayley, 14yrs, and I live in Australia. I aspire to work on a proper film set of a feature film, with professional equipment and actors and walkie talkies. haha. I’m saving up to buy a Canon 80D as I’m mainly just using a gopro at the moment. In the meantime, I’m learning lots from RJFS.
I also play drums :smile: :musical_note:

Nice to meet you all!


Yay Australia! Welcome.


Welcome Hayley! It’s good to have you back? haha. You’ll learn lots here and there’s plenty of awesome people to interact with!!


Glad to have you here, @Heyhatti! Looking forward to seeing you on the RJFS live stream :smiley:


Hey Everyone!

My name is Alphonso Ray Thomas. I’m soon to be 20 and I plan on making myself into a success this year. I know it’s a longshot but I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Though I’m a beginner, I hope to make short films, skits and animations that a lot of people will come to enjoy. I hope you’ll enjoy what I put out and I hope to make new friends and acquaintances while doing so. Thanks for reading and I hope I didn’t waste your time.


What’s up @Phonzology? Glad to have you here!

Let us know how we can help you make that success happen. Got a lot of people around here who can help out.