Introduce Yourself!


Hey there, welcome! I’m already starting to see your posts around, and that’s great! :smile:

Can’t wait to see any future projects you come up with, and for any discussions we have!


That’s the spirit! Glad to have you aboard! @Phonzology Share any of your work here with us and we’ll give you feed back. I’m sure you’ll make a few friends here :wink:

We’re all rooting for you boss!


Hi all,

Alroy here, from South Africa.

I must say, I am quite overwhelmed with all this. I have no idea where to start. Hope to meet some passionate people.


Welcome! @theheartofeye nice to see you again. I would recommend looking around for things your interested in or stuff you have questions or are curious about.

If you have any questions you can ask me or any other forum member but you already knew that :stuck_out_tongue:

Again it’s good to have you with us.


Hey @theheartofeye, glad you can join us!

Like @Kevin_Nguyen said, don’t sweat it and just ask if you have questions! Everybody around here is down to help out.


Welcome to the forum Alroy!
I hope you’ll have a good time with all of us :smiley:


Thanks again everyone! I can’t wait to get started. Soon enough I’m gonna start creating Voice Acting content as well as fight choreography until I can creating a good enough script for a short film or two. I’ll be sure to ask for help if needed be.


If you need another voice, mine is yours


Thank you sir. Same for mine as well. Though I admit I am a biginner at best.


Don’t let that hold you back dude. You could call me a beginner too. I haven’t done any paid projects yet (or, well, I have received a lot of reward from my work at khronos studios with @khronos127, but not “pay”)


Hi all! VGHS fan here from the far east!!
Well Rocketjump fan as well as a fan of the freddiew channel as it was once known…

Greetings from the Philippine Republic!


Hey @nakazatoGTR welcome to the forums! You’ll find a lot of people with similar interests to you here, I promise. :wink:

Again welcome to the forums it’s so good to have you here. Feel free to look around and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


Hi my name is Brandon aka dumpsterman let’s play on YouTube. I have a community of people on this channel who work together to create content that you all can enjoy. From gaming videos with reviews and just an overall a good time making and producing things that we just love to do check us out and tell us what you think


Hi, I’m The Texas of house Panther, First of my name, King of Wakanda and the First Men, Lord of the seven kingdoms, and protector of the realm, father of panthers. However, those who do not recognize my right to the throne call me by the name my IRL mother gave me: Carrington.

I have always had a passion for sound design, visual art, and storytelling. So I took an 18 year pilgrimage around the internet to find a way to combine these passions into one until realized that someone had already invented film so I settled for just learning the craft.

All drama aside, I don’t have much experience in making entire films, however I have dabbled in editing, cinematography, writing, and sound design without realizing I was doing so throughout my years. So I binged every RJFS video released so far and I already have a much deeper understanding of film and a desire to create my own. And as much as I like being an enigma, I figured it’d be better to introduce myself to the class instead of just showing up on graduation and creating more awkward interactions like this one. I look forward to discussing film with everyone and perhaps collaborating with whomever is willing.


  • Carrington (The Texas Panther)


Well welcome to class Carrington!
I hope you’ll have a good time here with us and look forward to your contributions and creations


Welcome Carrington! Great to have you here


Welcome welcome @thetexaspanther! Glad to have new faces around. Let us know if you got questions.


HI i’m iioniic, i’m way into movies and would love Advice/ help at getting started so far i write scripts but I’ve never really made anything


Hey iioniic, welcome to the forum!
I hope you’ll have a good time here with us.
The best advice for you if you want to start making films is “start making films”. You can’t improve of you don’t practise, so grab any device that records film and point it at something. Learn from your mistakes and eventually there will be fewer and fewer of them. Get going.
Then when you’re learning you can get a lot of cool lessons from the rocketjump filmschool.
Good luck and I’ll see you around.


Hey @iioniic! Welcome to the forums. Glad you could join us.