Introduce Yourself!


Welcome Chris! We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Have fun and keep filming! :smiley:


Hey Everyone!

I’m FuzzyLeaf. Although I’m actually neither of those. I’m actually an aspiring film maker. If you can call me that. Armed with terrible equipment, I’m trying to learn how to add effects into the videos I make. Specializing in fight scenes I’m hoping with everyones help here I can create quality content one day!


Hey Fuzz! Welcome to the party!
Hope you find what you’re looking for on here and have a good time with all of us :smiley:


Hey @FuzzyLeaf! Welcome!
You are in the right place to learn filmmaking, don’t hesitate to ask if you need advices or feedback!


Limited resources means more creativity! Looking forward to seeing your stuff :slight_smile:


Just realized today that I never formally introduced myself here…

Hi, My name is Nage (Well not actually, but you’re welcome to adress me however you’d like). I’m a sophmore in highschool from PA who has been hardcore lurking this forum for a few months now when I definitely should have been paying attention in class. I’m artistically challenged so I’ve yet to make any real content of my own, but I hope to someday. Currently addicted to overwatch and hearthstone, previously addicted to league of legends, pokemon, and Tf2. When I’m not sleeping, studying, playing video games, or eating I’m probably playing soccer (Or football, as some of the euroPEONs have attempted to convince me).

Been a major rocketjump fan since like 2011 and completely fell in love with VGHS. Lost count of how many times I’ve rewatched the series.

I’ve been pretty active on the discord server and love meeting new people who share an interest in the same things I do.

Anyways glad to be part of this wonderful community, looking forward to what is to come!


Hello everyone,

I’m Michael, a Motion Designer(or Animator as most people would call it) from Ethiopia. Really like the stuff from RJFS on Youtube, so thought I’d join you guys here.

This is my first post, literally 3 mins after signing up but excited to see what’s in store.



Hey, Welcome Michael!


Welcome Michael and Nage!

Michael: What sort of work are you doing for :heavy_dollar_sign: and what are you doing for :laughing: (that is, if they aren’t the same)?

Nage: What do you mean “artistically challenged”? Do you mean you were born with a creative block? Or is “artistically challenged” a new politically correct term for something we aren’t supposed to say anymore?

C’mon, man! If you have a couple of hours, you can do something totally fun and stupid that will be creative in at least the technical sense. You don’t even have to show anyone, although you can (if you want to reach the higher levels of not giving a fuck).

I have at least one video that looks like it was directed by a five year old with a crew of really bored seven year olds. I made it last week. It incorporates footage from YouTube that I shot off the screen with my phone. That’s how shitty it is—and it belies my commitment to shittiness on this particular project. If you’re going to do something crap, do ir right.

Be fearless! Nobody cares what you post on YouTube (as long as you don’t hurt anyone or commit crimes or what have you). Hide your identity or don’t. That’s not the point. The point is to give yourself the freedom to create.


Artistically challenged, as in when I was in elementary school we were coloring and i choose to color the whole picture with pencil


Hahaha! I could see how conventionally minded folks might tell you that you’re artistically challenged.

Creativity isn’t about coloring in the lines. Nor is it about technique. And it’s not about having creative ideas. It’s about exploring and executing creative ideas (and that’s where you pick up technique along the way).

You ever hear of an artist named Robert Motherwell?

He seems like the sort of guy that would color the whole page with a pencil. By the way, that second piece is a huge painting. The big black circular shapes impart heavy foreboding, like they are pressing down on you. I was lucky enough to see a show of his works many years ago at (iirc) L.A. County Museum of Art. If you can, try to see his physical paintings. If you can’t, look them up online and put your face really close to the screen.

Anyway, either you’ll be convinced you are creative, sooner or later, or you won’t. It’s possible you’re not. But it would be a shame not to find out, wouldn’t it?


This took forever for me to answer, but I think around 4-5 years now


Hi everyone, My name is Jace and I run the channel “Jace”. Me and my team do sketches and are recently starting to go the more action route. I was just wondering if there is a place within these forums to share my film and have people tear it apart and give feed back. Sorry if this is the wrong forum with this question.


Hi Jace! Welcome to the forums, you can make your own thread in the Critique me section! Some community members will most likely take a look at it!


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Movie Night Recomendations

Hi, I’m new to the forum. My name is Anna and I work as a graphics designer for a small ad agency. We’ve recently become dynamics ax partners and I have little time for myself considering the change. However, I always try to find a while for a good movie. Could you please recommend one for a romantic evening with a boyfriend.


Hi RJFS and everyone!

My name is Chuck Oronan and I’m currently trying to learn as much as possible about the film industry. I just made a full career switch into the film industry this year (2017) and I have a goal of being a producer and maybe a writer, but that can change as I gain more experience.

I don’t have a proper education from a film school and was recommended to PA instead of going back to college. So, for this year, I’m on a wild adventure: where I gave up my apartment in San Francisco, I hit the road, and trying to PA as much as possible.

I’m excited to be here with you all on this forum and to learn everything about film.


Welcome @ChuckOronan!
Hope you’ll learn everything you need to reach your goal, and that you’ll like the place!


@ChuckOronan That sounds exciting! There’s so much info here to explore, so I hope it helps you. I’d love to hear updates on how you’re going getting jobs and stuff - I wish you luck on your travels!


Hello everyone!

My name is Bishop Funk and I am 19 years old. I have been in college for almost a year now studying computer science but starting to shift over towards VFX and video editing. For the last 2 years I have edited my own and other peoples videos for fun and not really for any reason. I taught myself how to use Premiere Pro and starting to get into After Effects. I thought “How about I actually push myself to learn more about this stuff?” So I did, I starting reading books and watching videos about Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. RJFS has been a huge help with learning and I have learned a lot from you guys. Thank you. :smile: