Introduce Yourself!


Welcome to the forum Bishop! I look forward to seeing you around here and seeing some of your work. Have a good time :wink:


I went to the store to buy Cheetos and somehow I ended up here. It happens all the time, and I meet the most interesting people as a result, so let’s see what happens.


You must’ve traveled through dimension 404 by accident. Anyhow, welcome to the forum @ReshaCaner!


Yes. If you watch the background of the first episode, you’ll briefly see the inexplicable appearance and disappearance of a mysterious stranger … or I could be lying … I mean telling a fictional story … it’s hard to say.

Anyway, thanks for the welcome.


Hello everyone!
You can call me Catania and I love making things: food, games, doodles, costumes, gizmos, and I guess movies, too haha!

But really I am a little bit of a director, editor, producer, jingle writer, graphic designer, human c-stand and a lot a bit of a special effects make-up artist.

It all started when my sister wrote a parody horror film while we were in high school and I got a text from her asking, “Hey can you do zombie makeup?” I had never tried before, but once I did, I found my own personal crystal meth. And when her friend that was set to direct and edit the whole thing dropped out, ol’ sis tagged me in. It was hilarious and kinda terrible in a good way and I will in NO WAY ever link to it.

A while ago, 2013/2014ish, I mostly directed and mostly edited (albeit quite juvenilely) a web series called “Notes by Christine” that I co-wrote and co-produced with my sister who starred. It is a vlog style adaptation of “Phantom of the Opera” (that old book by Gaston Leroux). Should you look it up, please be kind ^_^’.

Since then, I have tried my hand at a 24-hr film fest [mild disaster], other people’s shorts [better overall], and my own forays [nonexistent disasters]. On other people’s projects, I mostly have done special effects makeup and occasional costume creations which really seems to be what I can best bring to the table, but unsarcastically in a pretty good form for an amateur.

I have been following Rocket Jump for a while and I knew about the school but it was only this year that I’ve really delved into these wonderful depths of filmmaking information. So here I am! Currently, my friend and I are trying to write a web series based on a fairytale that is NOT vlog-style (shocking, I know) and I am employing EVERY technique I can absorb from you lovely folks and any other source out there.

I am honestly so glad to finally officially step into your wonderful community!


Hello everyone,

I’m Alexander

For the most part, I believe myself to be an editor and screenwriter in training. It’s really encouraging to see a supporting community of film makers seeking to hone their craft.

Look forward to learning and having fun with you all.
Thank you Rocket Jump.


Hello! And welcome @Catania and Alexander @qsystem ! I wish you both the most of fun and learning with us here on the forum! And I look forward to seeing some of your creations.
Let us know if you’ve got any questions :slight_smile:


HI everyone! I’m Vicky, also sometimes posting as Toni Sparks. I’ve been lurking around RocketJump’s and RJFS’s twitter, youtube channel, and AMAs for a couple months now, and I don’t know why it took me so long to get involved in the community page. I studied video and audio production in college, and while I work in radio now, RocketJump has inspired me to get back behind a camera as a hobby. I can’t wait to learn from all the other points of view in the community!


Welcome aboard Vicky! We’re glad you could finally join us, feel free to have a look around and if you have any questions there is bound to be a community member willing to help you out!

Can’t wait to see what you bring to this community! :smile:


Hi, I’m from San Diego. I love this place! I discovered RocketJump only last year, and I just spent two days binging the entire YouTube channel. I am astounded by the amount of talent and creativity this place has! Seriously, you guys do more with a GoPro than most filmmakers could do with a whole film crew.


Hey JP, welcome to the forum!
Tell us a bit more about yourself, do you have any film making aspirations of your own?
Have a good time on here with us


Well, I had aspirations many years ago to work in 3D modeling / animation in the gaming industry. I went to school and got an 2 year degree in it, got my portfolio out, and started my career. I had one problem though… it turns out I wasn’t that good at it. After many years of “temporary jobs until I get my real job”, I decided to change my goals. Now I have a blissful anxiety free job in record keeping for a law firm, which affords me time to do freelance (mostly 2D graphic design work) and watch wonderful people like RocketJump create wonderful videos. Amusingly, I have enough experience in digital video editing, post effects, 3D animation, and sound to really appreciate good work when I see it. Overall, no regrets…


I’m Joe. Was a head technician for the my high school stage, I volunteer at the local university theatre. Currently I work as a videographer, photo editor, and general purpose worker at a local photography studio. I am interested in film because I love the visual storytelling and am working on becoming a director. My favorite movie of all time is Moonrise Kingdom. The most recent movie I’ve seen is Mr. Church. And I like cats.


Welcome to the forums @DeadlyPixelz!
Did you checked out all the RJFS vidz on directing?


Yes, I have watched almost all of the RJFS videos at least once.


HI! My name is Kai I’m a high school film student. I don’t really do anything… But, I love anime and video games… :smiley: I am very excited to meet and make friends here!


Hey, welcome to the forums!


Hey Kai, welcome! Don’t say you don’t do anything, you eat freaking zombies! That’s not a small feat! :smiley:


Hey, are any Los Angeles locals down to collaborate?
If I’m on the wrong forum, apologies. Kindly point me in the right direction :slight_smile:



You can use that topic (in which you already posted) for finding people, even if I’ve not seen many collaborations coming from here. You may use the search engine to find posts with Los Angeles in them, and then try to contact the ones from that area.