Introduce Yourself!


Hello, I’m Theresa.
I think this’ll be different at least!

I’m 64 years old (although people never believe it), a former photojournalist in the US Army, who got sidetracked with a long career in the electronic components and computer industry.

I quit my job last June, 2017 and for the past six months I’ve been working on buying gear to launch an independent media company to offer photography, filmmaking, and writing/editing.

I was a year book photographer in High School, and worked in a famous Hollywood color film lab nights during High School. After the service I worked freelance a bit, and at a reprographics lab in a corporate environment, but it was very tough in those days to break into the film industry. I audited classes at Pasadena Art Center College of Design, and took Recording Studio Engineering classes at Sherwood Oaks College. I also worked at The Complex in West Los Angeles, a major recording studio.

I know a lot about photography, audio, and filmmaking, but most of my professional experience was pre-digital. Having worked in the computer and electronics industry for almost 40 years, I know computers and technical CAD software pretty well too. So now I’m in the process of putting all that together to get back into film and visual storytelling.

Along the way, I got married, raised a family, and had a several decades long career in the electronics industry, because I could find work there, and went back to school to earn a BA, and MBA in business.

Now I’m single, kids are all grown, I’m living near Portland Oregon, and have put together an embarrassment of riches in pro gear to work with; cameras, lights, audio, etc. I have all the tools I need for the small mini-docs I want to do, and then some, without rental costs. I expect to do corporate shoots, and boring stuff to earn a buck. The biggest area of technical skills I need more work with is getting up to speed with Adobe tools, which I’m working on. I am frankly also struggling to get my ass in gear and shoot more.

I’ve really enjoyed RJFS on YouTube.

I suppose one of the main reasons I’m here is for the networking. I didn’t really know a soul in the industry when I decided to embark on this adventure, so far I’ve been trying to do this entirely alone, not by choice, which isn’t easy.

I am available to collaborate with others on fun projects.



Welcome to the forum Theresa! It’s always great to see new people here especially such experienced ones. Most people on here are students or beginning professionals.
Thanks for sharing you’re story with us, it’s great.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have. For collaborations it might be worth to check out the thread called “filmmaker networking”.
I hope you have a good time here on the forum. Good luck with your business!


Thanks for the welcome, and suggestion. I’ll check it out. Cheers!


Wow. It’s been while since I’ve been here so I think it might be time for a re-introduction. Nice to meet everyone! My name’s Alphonso Ray Thomas & I’m a Filmmaker / Movie Reviewer. I used to go by arthomas17 but I changed it to Phonzology to further reflect my change & evolution.


well welcome… back Ray!