Invisible Man short film + VFX breakdown


Hi, It’s been forever since I last posted here, but after a year of hard work I’m finally back in California making films. Here’s one I just made that I think is not bad: That’s me acting in it, I didn’t write it but I formed the concept, and I edited it and did sound design. My roommate shot, directed, and wrote it.

I also made a VERY much RocketJump inspired VFX video:

@JoeyScoma idk if you remember me but I’m back


wow… it’s cool!


Great editing, I liked the tone of your film the suspense was constantly being built throughout the film. There was some editing choices I found confusing or misleading to the story, for example the credit cards scattered on the ground. Was he bidding on the wailing man’s demise or was he bidding to save him ? I didn’t understand the bidding that was happening on the computer. The drama you created with the use of music and lighting and creative framing made the bidding on the computer seem like a life or death situation. I would visual go into more detail on why he is bidding and if there’s any relationship between this guy his bidding on and him. The shot of the actor clenching his toes as he sat at the computer was misleading because I didn’t understand if it was a sick obsession he had or from fear because he gets up from his seat unbothered from the incident that feels intense and he’s only wearing boxers. My feelings about the main character isn’t solid. I would play attention to how each frame can carry/tell your story. What feeling is provoked or conjured with this frame next to this and vise versa and “is this frame making my story move forward or just adding a filler”. I liked how you showed the viewers how you utilize VFX to enhance your storytelling. Great short.