Is the BMPCC still riddled with issues?


I’m looking into upgrading to the BMPCC, and I’ve done a ton of looking into it, but everything about it seems to drop off post 2014. People complain about weird artifacts, weird motion blur, etc etc. But then, I see not very detailed articles saying BM has fixed a lot of issues in updates. But anyway, is the BMPCC still riddled with bugs or is it a decent functioning camera now (besides the ergonomics)?


Hey @ChinsomanFilms, I am not a cinematographer but I work at a production company in Spain which uses a lot of Black Magic camera’s for it’s shoots so I’ll tell you what my personal experience with it is.

We purchased the camera in late 2014 and have been using it regularly since then. We’ve taken it to places ranging from the South Pole to the desert and everywhere it between so I can say that ergonomically, if you treat the camera with care and clean it ofetn, it should give you no problems at all.

Software-wise, we’ve always kept our camera’s up to date with the latest updates and have never encountered any huge obstacles that have prevented us from shooting.

The biggest problems we have with the camera are:

  1. It’s short battery live (we got around this by purchasing and external battery)
  2. The fact that it’s a Micro Four Thirds mount (we were able to overcome that by purchasing both MFT to PL and MFT to EF adapters).
  3. It’s small sensor with all that that implies (although this isn’t necessarily a problem).

We are so pleased with the way the BMPCC works that we actually have two of them and have recently purchased an URSA which, I must say, can deliver some breathtaking images if you know how to use it.

I can’t tell you to buy this camera because I don’t know what your needs are, but if it where my money, I’d save my money and spend it on some good glass and just rent the camera. Cameras get outdated very quickly these days, but a good lens can never be outdated.

So, unless you have no camera or know you’ll be able to make your money back before your camera body is considered “too old”, I’d by some good lenses and just rent my camera.