JOEY'S HEAD (is the title of this thread)


Hey RJ Community,

As some of you may or maynot know, @Lauren created a sticker of my head!

And I’ve been putting my head into stills from famous movies and posting them on Instagram …

Now let’s see what you’ve got! Some of you have already started sending me some hilarious images, Thanks! Feel free to post them here or wherever #joeyshead

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! (and remember we can all blame Lauren for cutting my head out in the first place) K that’s all!


I’ve been seeing this on Instagram and was wondering when you would make this into a game haha


I made this with MS Paint just to make it as campy as possible, thanks @Lauren for cutting his head out! :smiley: #Joeyshead


Sorry! :laughing: @cherish


@SzPeti42 bonus points if you sub in Joey’s head for both the idol and the sandbag :thumbsup:




lol, nice.

The next one is one I couldn’t resist :smiley:

The real meta would be Joey’s cutout head on Joey’s character’s face, but it’s getting late, so maybe next time :smiley:


paint ftw


This thread is pure win


THIS is my favorite by far!!!


Ah, Paint’s spray tool, so many childhood memories… :smiley:


Joey is a little too calm here :laughing:

This is too fun!

JoeyJump Joey School


I’m Daniel and I approve this message.



But good job, Kevin :stuck_out_tongue:


Ugh I didn’t know this was a whole thread. I just scrolled through to the bottom.



It makes me so happy!



Jasper! this made me laugh hahah wow.


Excellent! i give it two rambo thumbs up


I’m deeply disturbed by the shower scene kevin!

Joey jump joey school A+