Kik instant messages (RJFS easy notification system)


@Lauren hey I know your very busy with RJFS but on the kik app (instant messager) there was an update where you can make public chats using hashtags and I thought that possibly it would be cool to make a RJFS chat where you could send out updates on when new RJFS vids and stuff comes out. It could use the hashtag #RJFS which I saw wasn’t taken. You can even have admins who can kick other people that are being rude or inappropriate so you won’t have to. The only problem is is that it can only host 50 people at once so you may have to have multiple chats with multiple leaders because im not sure if you can make bots for kik. Thank you if you are reading this and I am sorry if this has wasted your time I know you are very busy with RJFS. I hope I helped :smile:


That or LINE is a very efficient communication and group messaging service!