Know what would make RocketJump Film School even more amazing? This


Hey all!

SUPER-SERIOUS REQUEST: I’d like to openly invite the Rocket Jump geniuses to work with Storygami. We’re a layered video company that allows anyone to add related content such as image galleries, articles and social streams into your videos. So imagine all these great shows with a tonne of bonus material attached to it. I know…whut…

Here is a short video explainer:

TL;DR: useful interactive video that doesn’t annoy the shit out of you! So, perfect for short video series/tutorials

Hi I’m Guy, I’m one of the founders of Storygami, we’re a 500 Startup company out in Mountain View, CA and we got video in our guts.

What does the community think?




Rocketjump does not take these kinds of requests directly on this forum you will have to contact them via their business email if you want a response :smile:

But I do like the idea!


Will do, cheers Kevin.


As Kevin said, the forums are not the place for business requests. Try contacting with this!