La La Land. Did it take you to a city of stars or was it just another movie in the crowd?


La La Land is getting huge buzz right now. It’s an unstoppable juggernaut with critics and I wanted to ask the fellow Rocket Jumpians what your thoughts were about it. (kinda spoilers?) Personally, I loved the film and connected deeply with Sebastian’s character. I thought the visuals and music were pretty good and the drama was well written. I also enjoyed the fact that the 2nd act really didn’t have much music and dancing since it got more serious in the relationship. And I can’t get over that ending. The sequence where Mia went through their entire relationship if everything went right really inspired me to get out a camera and start filmmaking! Either way I just wanted to see what everyone else’s reactions to the movie was since no one in my area has really seen it.


Hey @Jrewt! We actually got onto the subject of LA LA LAND on another thread. It’s not dedicated to the movie but maybe you’ll see some other opinions in there. Thanks for bringing it up! It’s a fun movie to talk about :slight_smile: