Latest Low Budget Music Video!


Check out the latest low-budget music video that I directed/written(first script)/edited/shot!


really liked the little animation and kinetic typography, the cinematic story wasn’t quite as strong to me. I hadn’t expected the footage of the actual singer, that came in quite late, if that had come in a little sooner and a little more often that might have been better.

What I really missed was a better mix between the 3 visual elements, both within the edit and just in relation to each other visually, they looked as if they could have been picked from 3 different videos at times. Otherwise it looked pretty proffesional. Good job and keep it up.


I liked it a lot. Like Jasper said, it looked very clean and professional. The animations and the footage itself looked great. But I think it would have been good if you could have integrated them into each other more. Maybe we could have seen more of the singer sooner. And I don’t know about this second one, but I feel like maybe the animations could have been more spread out rather than only during the first half.

But these are just my first impressions and I wasn’t the one editing it, so I’d be interested to hear about why you did this video the way you did.


appreciate the feedback man!


Appreciate the feedback man! I totally agree with you on the about singer coming in a bit late. This is something the client insisted on having so it was kind of crammed in there.