Leave your art and doodles here


So recently got into drawing and have been watching some tutorials and stuff. figured this place needed somewhere for all the artists to leave there stuff to get feedback.

so here is my first attempt at a girl anime character.

what do you think? leave your drawings below.

The Up, Side, Down, Game
Introduce Yourself!
Introduce Yourself!
What made you happy today?
What made you happy today?

Looks good, :thumbsup:
have you tried drawing on actual paper?
I think that might look even better if you can get the hang of it.


I am horrible at drawing everything except for these doodlethings:

I haven’t really got a name for it, if any of you have any cool name ideas let me know :wink:


Looks cool man! I’ve tried drawing anime characters before and I’d say I did ok… after many eraser uses (and copying from a picture! not tracing or anything so evil as that, just looking at the picture.), so I know it takes work. My biggest problem when drawing anything is perspective, it’s the hardest thing for me to grasp! And I’m even worse at shading… so ya I’m a terrible artist! I have not drawn anything in a while either… I think I’ll go do that.


For some reason the name “Spiral Light” popped into my mind when you said it needed a name… hmmm “Pattern Art”? or “Layers”?

Anyway, It looks great!


This is the only thing I have that’s recent. I went to the skulls exhibit at the Cal Academy of Sciences over the summer, and got SO MANY REFERENCES. I hardly ever have time for art-ing anymore though :cry:

Also, if anyone knows where I can get cheap but passable gold leaf, I will give you a kidney.


Thanks :slight_smile: yeah. i have a graphics tablet though so it sort of the same thing xD


I do mostly computer art (Photoshop, InDesign, Video editing) but have a couple of paintings and mixed media as well.

This piece is part of a series on the logo/brand Abarth (a car company). Contains paint, pencil and printed pieces.


OOOOoooooooo nice! You gonna show us some digital stuff too? :slight_smile:


I can. Didn’t want to post too much at once as pictures take longer to load.


very interesting, i use to do stuff like that in art and design class. :slight_smile:


Yeah some of my best stuff is from my classes, always looking for time to create new stuff.


Just finished this took me like 3 hours to do -_-


That’s some impressive progress in between this one and that first post!
It looks awsome, keep at it :smiley:


thanks :smile:

i think its because the first one was semi from my imagination. i just looked at naruto as i was drawing him.


Here’s a page from the storyboards I tossed together meeting with Dez before we shot Resident Evil: Down with the Sickness. These are all pretty rough (they’re a tool, not really meant to be “art” in their own right), but there’s two details I like about this page: Ethan Newberry had not yet been cast, so he’s represented by a white man-blob with an insane mustache. Also, Freddie’s sandal is totally flying off in the bottom right panel.


I am a giant nerrrrrrrrd


have you been watching the sailormoon crystal remake? xD


and what glorious mustache it is too, i’d love to see Ethan with one of those!


didn’t finish this one. but hey its juvia